Who are the celebrities with sleep problems and sleep apnea?

A sleep clinic does not only treat the ordinary people, but also the Hollywood actors. Celebrities like film stars, politicians and cricketers are human beings too. They encounter the same kinds of health ailments like ordinary beings. One of the major problems faced by most of the celebrities is inability to have a good night’s sleep. The parties go on till the early morning and despite that Hollywood actors find it impossible to catch up on good sleep. Let us have a look at some of the names.

  1. Sandra Bullock

The Gravity Co-star, Sandra Bullock, suffers from a major sleep problem and this issue has got aggravated after adopting Louis. It is revealed that Sandra gets as little sleep as 3 hours in the entire 24 hours. In a recent interview she confessed this fact and spoke clearly regarding her motherhood.

  1. The Oscar Winner George Clooney

So, Clooney suffers from sleep apnea, a very shocking revelation. He has problem sleeping if the television gets switched off.

  1. The beautiful belle Rihanna

Since she broke with Chris Brown, Rihanna started talking about her sleeping issues. Her Twitter page is filled with talks on sleeping disorders. While describing her struggle to fall asleep, she used the hashtag “GOToSleepRobyn”.

  1. The passionate Lady Gaga

Although known for a great style, personality, now Lady Gaga and sleep disorders. The outrageously fashionable lady tends to feed her passion for music. Being an extremely hard working, Lady Gaga tends to ignore a good night’s sleep.

  1. The basketball giant: Shaquille O’Neil

O’Neil has been suffering from severe sleep apnea and got himself tested from Dr. Charles Czeisler. The basketball maestro was heard snoring from his girlfriend, which is a common condition among overweight individuals having a thick neck.

  1. Kevin Jonas

Snoring can cause a serious problem in the relationship if your light-sleeping partner gets woken up always. The musician and actor, Kevin Jones and his wife Danielle are ranked among the mismatched sleep partners. Kevin’s friend has rightly remarked that Kevin and Danielle have never slept together since the time of their marriage. Snoring results from sleep deprivation and sleep apnea.

Celebrities often seem immune to all kinds of health problems that ordinary humans suffer. It seems fabulous walking on the red carpet, flaunting a bikini in an Oscar nominated film, but the most discussed health issues is sleep disorder. Stars that juggle with busy schedules and skimp on sleep can get subjected to obesity, diabetes and different kinds of ailments. A sleep doctor can only come to their rescue under such situations. The glaring lights coming from the screen may impact the health seriously. Hence, a doctor can prescribe ways of getting a good sleep.

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