6 Things To Know Before Painting Kitchen Walls

If your kitchen walls are looking dull and the paint is in dire need of a do-over or you’re performing kitchen remodeling, then you can get your painting gear out and get to work, but here’s what you need to know first.

Decide The Colors

Firstly, you will need to choose the type of color or color combination for your kitchen. You can go for neutral colors since they are the safest bet and they will make your kitchen look bigger and illuminated. If you have abundant natural light in your kitchen, then you can go for a darker neutral color, if you don’t want to worry about light colors getting stained easily with food and spilled liquids.

You can also go for fun and bright pastel colors, but do keep in mind the rest of the interior design of the kitchen so that all colors and undertones complement each other in the end.

Clear Out Everything

This is a very important thing to do when you are getting ready to paint the kitchen. It’s crucial that you clear out all of the things from the kitchen, like your appliances, and refrigerator, and cover all of the immovable parts of your kitchen, like the countertops, sink, and kitchen island.

This is going to save your precious things from getting stained and ruined with paint because there will be a fair amount of paint splatters and drips all over the kitchen since it is inevitable.

The Lighting Will Matter

The color choice and the lighting in your room matter a lot. The right color and light combination will brighten up your room and make it look more spacious. If you have a smaller and darker kitchen with no natural light, then you should go for lighter colors that will reflect the light from the paint and illuminate the space.

Dark colors are not good for small and dark kitchens, because they can make your kitchen look even smaller and darker. You can also brighten up your kitchen with the right light fixtures and their correct placement throughout the space, so it reflects light better from the paint.

No Molds Or Fungus

You need to check your walls for mold and fungus. This is an important thing and a lot of people tend to forget about this step. Doing this step will ensure that your paint lasts longer and won’t be ruined by the fungus in the future. This can be easily checked if you look around the corners of the kitchen and see black and wet cracks.

Fungus and mold can develop due to moisture and they can ruin the foundation of your walls, which is why it’s better to get them checked.

Clean The Walls

This is another important thing that will change the whole look of the paint. Your kitchen walls might have a lot of stains and oily surfaces, because of the smoke and constant cooking of food. This is why, before painting, you will need to clean the walls. This is going to make sure you have a clean and smooth surface to work on and the paint will adhere to the walls better.

Cleaning the walls can be done with either sandpaper or with a wet washcloth. Using sandpaper is a better option because it’s going to get rid of the external surface of the paint and create a smooth canvas for the new and fresh coat.

Type Of Paint

There are many types of paints you can choose from. Matte finishes, water-based, oil emulsion, etc. are just some of the many types of paints used in kitchens. The best kinds of paints to go for are matte or oil-based emulsions since they are very long-lasting and they are also easy to maintain, in case something does spill on them. You can clean it with a wet washcloth and the spill will disappear in no time at all.


There you have it! Getting these small things done before you get the whole room painted, will save you from a lot of stress and work after the paint job is done. Use the services of kitchen remodelers Silver Spring to renovate and upgrade your kitchen more easily and quickly.

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