Celebrities With Sleep Problems

You may think that celebrities are immune to health troubles, but celebrities are also human beings, they also have health complications. There are many celebs who are struggling with sleeping disorders doctor chevy chase. And some of them have openly spoken about their sleep troubles and how they cope up

Celebrities Who Have Been Arrested For DUI

When you are celebrity, getting charged with Drinking Under Influence is almost like a rite of passage. You always need to be in the contact with the best DUI attorney to deal with your DUI case. Yes, if celebrities do not follow state rules, they also get charged with DUI, and even get punished. Why Do

How to style hair like celebrities?

Hairstyle plays an important role in the majestic red carpet looks of the celebrities. Celebs take bliss of hair extensions to get the perfect red carpet hair. It is the hair extension that changes color, style, length and volume of hair overnight. Nothing can restrain celebs to look great with

Celebrity Parenting Mistakes and Successes

If you have kids, chances are you are trying to be the top parent you can possibly can. Luckily, it is not hard to be a best parent. Avoid bad parenting by learning about right parenting techniques, and before you know it, you will be well-prepared to handle any behavior

How celebrities get silky smooth hair

What could be the reason behind the rave about Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment? While waves and curls have their own charm and beauty, some people still prefer to get their natural hair straightened, while others simply want to try out something different, just for a change. Aside from that,

How to get straight hair like celebrities

The latest discovery in the art of hairdressing –Brazilian keratin straightening is a procedure that gives an opportunity to straighten naughty hair for a long time while maintaining their softness and health. When you need it? Aggressive effects of cold and hot air, sunlight, wearing a hat, low levels of

Certain facts about dreamcatchers extensions

Dreamcatchers extensions, as the name signify is the type of hair extension that gives the hair of dreams. Hair extension is the unique process of adding volume and length to the tresses without causing any damage to the hair. There should not be any use of waxes, glue or even


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