The latest discovery in the art of hairdressing –Brazilian keratin straightening is a procedure that gives an opportunity to straighten naughty hair for a long time while maintaining their softness and health.

When you need it?

Aggressive effects of cold and hot air, sunlight, wearing a hat, low levels of vitamins and minerals, the excessive use of styling cosmetics, bad habits and regular stress negatively affect the health of the hair. As a result, the hair shaft becomes porous and rough, and strands look weakened, faded, lifeless.

Hair care takes a lot of time because many women prefer to perfectly straight the “naughty” wavy curls. However, most known procedures, which help to correct the hair by chemical action, often spoil the hair structure.

The procedure of keratin straightening

Keratin hair straightening – a procedure in which the product with a high content of synthesized keratin is applied on the hair. The very same keratin – a protein from which our body “builds” the hair and nails. The normal structure of the hair has more than 80% of keratin, and because of the influence of aggressive chemical treatments, the environment, and other factors, it can be destroyed, the hair becomes lifeless, brittle, lose their ability to grow and natural shine.

If it happened to you, now you have the opportunity to sign up for such a procedure in our salons there, because you can’t doit at home properly. All necessary preparations and the procedure is carried out by our professionals.

Hair care after the procedure

If your hair wasvery curly before the procedure, after the first procedure it will become much smoother. After that, completely straight hair is easy to maintain using the ironing. The procedure of alignment of even the most persistent curls will become much easierusing the special means.

For better preservation of keratin straightened hair you need to wash your hair with a specially selected shampoo. If you have a desire to create flirty curls, it can be done safely –keratinized hair can quickly and easily be twisted. The hairstyle is well-kept until the next shampooing.

So, Brazilian keratin treatment rockville hair straightening is – a procedure that helps to “revive” even the most lifeless hair, and the duration of effect is up to 4 months. This kind of straightening and hair restoration is the best know hair straightening method.

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