Who is the top 5 celebrity divorce lawyer to give the fantastic representation?

The notorious set of best divorce lawyers or celebrity divorce lawyers make even the ‘A’ list stars shake. Only the top Hollywood stars can afford the cost of hiring such eminent lawyers. Their charges may even exceed to $700 in an hour which is too much. Let us have a look at the top 5 divorce lawyers who were the best in the past and offered a magnificent representation to the celebrities of Hollywood.

The ‘Disco Queen’, Laura Wesser

Well, it seems that Laura was simply destined to become a world class lawyer since her father was also the marital attorney, representing the Hollywood actors. She chose her name to be Laura Allison Wasser so that her initials are L.A.W. Having two children, she took the oath of not marrying again and represented dozens of Hollywood stars including Kate Walsh, Angelina Jolie, Robyn Gibson and Britney Spears divorce.

The famous Raoul Felder

Raoul Felder, the world famous celebrity divorce lawyer, has been named as the ‘Duke of Divorce’. He represented too many celebrities and the spouses of celebrities. They include David Gest, Marti Scorsese, Robin Guvens, etc. Till the age of 74, he had successfully penned several publications and is now the legal commentator in the television. Displaying a tremendous energy and gusto, he is charged with howling like a pig in the court while representing Rudy Giuliani. In many occasions he had been sued due to his violent attitude. He earned in million dollars for the case.

The notorious divorce lawyer of the UK: Fiona Shackleton

The UK based lawyer Fiona Shackleton represented Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Mc Cartney. Taking her services in the court is reserved only for the wealthiest people. However, later she got appointed to the House of Lords of the British Prestigious.

The world famous Robert Stephen Cohen

Being one of the most powerful matrimonial lawyers, Robert Stephen Cohen represented Christie Brinskey while she was getting divorced from Billy Joel. Tommy Mottola, when splitting from Mariah Carey, appointed him and got the best representation. The divorce process although was expensive and horrible, it was won over.

The famous Sorell Trope

The eminent lawyer was appointed by Elin Nordegren when taking divorce from Tiger Woods. She has also represented Oksana Grigorieva when having a very messy custody battle with Brooke Mueller and Mel Gibson.

It may be said that celebrity family lawyers Fairfax VA can only be appointed by the wealthy people and not by the ordinary ones. Their charges on an hourly basis are 650-700 dollars.

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