Is Donald Trump really running after the President ship?

So, finally Donald Trump widens his lead in the latest Presidential Poll. Donald Trump, the TV personality, is running for the Republican Presidential nomination 2016, and so he has launched his presidential bid of 2016 last week with a lot of pomp and authority. His campaign seems real and authoritative. However, this is regarded as the mere publicity stunt and a lot many people feel that his dream will remain unrealized. George W. Bush clearly lashes out on Trump saying that he is not at all a serious candidate for the Presidential election. On Friday, 5pm, he had yet to file the candidacy declaration.

Trump maintaining his sizable lead

Will the 2016 Presidential polls see a new twist with Trump? Donald Trump has successfully opened the double digit lead against his closest rival. This is done by him in just 2-3 weeks and most of the times he capitalized on his TV personality to gain the votes. The third person said that he would vote in the Republican Primary in the nationwide survey. Trump would be the GOP nominee which would be followed by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is having 20% supports, Marco Rubia is at 13% and Ben Carson is at 12%. Trump leads Mr. Cruz who is a number two candidate by just 5%. In the latest poll, the lead seems to be widened to 13 points. Trump and Cruz are the primary voters’ choice. So, when the field is being reduced to 5 candidates, Trump preserves the lead. In the match of 3, Cruz and Rubio favor Trump by 40% and 31% respectively.

The remarkable resiliency of Trump

A lot many people wonder whether Trump can garner most votes or not. However, he shows a remarkable resiliency with the primary electorate GOP. The support for Trump has increased since December and Cruz seems to have leveled off.

No matter what is the position of Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential polls, the poll exposes a probable weakness of Trump. He seems to always lose in the head-to-head test match up with Cruz. Now, Trump is questioning whether his rival, Cruz, being a Canadian, is eligible to become the US president or not. However, there is no question about his eligibility and Trump is being laid back by the scholars who totally disagree with him. It is said that Trump is acting too much conservative but he is actually not.

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