Why celebrities use the most expensive divorce lawyer?

It seems experienced divorce lawyer is the smartest and the easiest way to untie the knot instead of an estate planning lawyer upper marlboro. Divorce, today, offers three choices when it comes to attaining a friendly divorce. Most of the expensive divorce lawyers are experts who stay by your side till the completion of the painful procedure. Proper guidance and direction are the probable reasons for hiring an expensive divorce attorney. A set of passionate and experienced lawyers assists couples in finding their way through the complicated process of separation. There are some notorious divorce lawyers who make the A-List celebrities to shake onto their boots.

Raoul Felder: “The shameless promoter”

The “Duke of Divorce”, “The shameless promoter”, Felder, for instance, has untied hundreds of knots. Representing A-Class celebrities, celebrity spouses like David Gest, Martin Scorsese, Larry Fortensky, etc, the 75 years old lawyer is the most common face on the television. He was accused by Donna Hanover since he howled all throughout the divorce procedure like the ‘stuck pig’. He is renowned for charging a hundred thousand dollars for a single case and has accumulated millions of dollars.

Expensive lawyers: The more winning lawyers

Expensive divorce attorneys are more winning lawyers. A rich celebrity can easily afford to have the lawyer bury the opposition party in files and paper works. Celebrities can afford expensive attorneys and ask the lawyer to invest more hours in the case. The charges do not prick them. With an expensive attorney, having years of experience in divorce cases, a celebrity can even go to trial and not settle things easily. Such acts bring about more wins in the world where access to justice is really tough. OJ Simpson has brought about favorable results for Catherine. Despite an excessive supply of divorce attorneys, there are celebrity divorce attorneys who are priced higher. Old and experienced lawyers can handle even the most complex litigation and transactions. Then, lawyers are hung to an extremely difficult task and they have every right to charge high fees.

An expensive divorce lawyer works for insane hours to resolve things. Celebrities are aware that the task of untying the knot is complex. Although intellectually stimulating, the job of a divorce lawyer is not a ‘barrel of laughs’. The entire day vanishes in talking endlessly to the clients. The best divorce lawyer, charging thousands of dollars, can fetch desirable alimony for the celebrity. Trust me, the job of a divorce lawyer is crappy where he has to deal with the old trash.

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