Celebrities Who Have Been Arrested For DUI

When you are celebrity, getting charged with Drinking Under Influence is almost like a rite of passage. You always need to be in the contact with the best DUI attorney to deal with your DUI case. Yes, if celebrities do not follow state rules, they also get charged with DUI, and even get punished.

Why Do So Many Celebrities Drink and Drive?

Driving under the influence is a major crime and risks the lives of everybody on the road. Most of the time, celebrity DUI arrest news does not come as a shock when an infamously troubled celeb gets charged, but sometimes, fans get real shock when celebs who have good image get arrested for DUI.

Most surprising stars to get a DUI

There are so many celebrities that have endangered their lives as well as the lives of other people by driving under influence of alcohol and drugs. Drunk driving is a serious crime and a common habit among celebs. Many celebs have been arrested for DUI more than once.  In spite of the fact that list of Celebrities Who Have Been Arrested for DUI is actually very long, it is only a partial list.

Paris Hilton

In June 2007, Paris Hilton’s arrest created a lot of buzz. The diva was sentenced 45 days in jail and she was arrested. She was driving her silver Mercedes-Benz in Hollywood when police caught her and took a Breathalyzer test that shows that her blood alcohol level is 0.08 that is minimum limit of the LA.

Chris Pine

In March 2014, Chris Pine faced DUI charges when he was shooting in New Zealand. The actor was not aggressive, but he was drunk over the legal limit.

Michelle Rodriguez

While Michelle Rodriguez is a little bit infamous because of her wild-child ways, it is still shocking that she was busted 9 years ago for drinking and driving.

Jaime Pressly

My Name Is Earl actress had to pay $15,000 bail amount in 2011 for her DUI case. Her DUI lawyer had to work very hard for her because when police caught her, she was drunk much higher than the legal limit of the state.

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