Most women certainly love to do hair extensions. This beauty care aims to lengthen their hair instantly. As we know, growing our hair naturally to get a long length can take a really long time. That’s why most ladies find this way to be very helpful. Now let’s talk about the hair extension itself. Did you know that there are actually several kinds of extensions? There 3 of them to be exact. In addition, each of them has a bit different way of installation. Stay with us to learn them more deeply.


  1. Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are the best choice if you do want other people know that you got additional hair. It is because this type bonds together with your real hair. After the installation, you will feel as if it was your own hair. It can happen thanks to its adhesive material known as keratin at the tip. About the application, it can take a long time depending on how much you need it. First, you need to part your hair to the size of the extension. Once you have taken a piece of it, attach a plastic cover to protect your hair from getting burnt. Second, connect the extension with your hair by sticking them with the adhesive part. Third, use flat iron to melt the keratin glue. This will bond the hair more firmly. Last, roll the glue until it is hard and thin with your fingers and done. If you want to remove it, there is a remover in liquid form comes in one package with the extensions.


  1. Micro Link Hair Extensions

Compared to the previous type, this one will give you less damage to your hair. Instead of keratin glue, micro link hair extensions use a tiny bead to get linked with your original hair. Moreover, there is no need to use flat iron in this one, unless you want to straighten your hair first. The equipment required for the installation is a loop tool and pliers specially for extensions. The first step you must do is to divide your upper hair and seal it with a big hair clip to the upfront. Next, take a piece of your hair with a loop tool. Do not forget to attach the bead to the loop. When you have put your hair to the loop, pull it until it gets through the bead. After that, install the hair extension into the bead and then use pliers to bond them firmly. Repeat these steps until you finally get the amount you want.


  1. Clip In Hair Extensions

Among of all types here, we must say this one is the easiest to install. At the tip of it, it has a certain clip. So, basically you only need to clip it onto your real hair. This is the reason why most women prefer this type rather then the others. Anyway, there are several models of clip in hair extensions potomac md. Each model is differentiated based on the number of the clips. The more it has, the wider the extensions are.

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