Dreamcatchers extensions, as the name signify is the type of hair extension that gives the hair of dreams. Hair extension is the unique process of adding volume and length to the tresses without causing any damage to the hair. There should not be any use of waxes, glue or even heat. One can easily acquire celebrity type hairstyle with the extension. The cost of the extension is dependent on the volume and the length you would like to have. So, it is always great to have a free consultation with the hairstylist before fixing an appointment. However, there are certain facts to be learnt about hair extensions.

Important facts about dream catchers

  • The hair stylist uses micro cylinder that is color coded to the shade of the hair. He/she uses specialized technique in order to thread the hair through the cylinder to the roots. The extension is just inserted and tightly clamped. Thus, no damage is done to the hair.
  • Dream catches is preferred kind of hair extension as it uses the highest quality of human hairs that is available in the market. The micro cylinder and hair is used over and over again.
  • When it comes to hair extension, you get a lot of choices in colors and shades. To get the best results, the shade must be made to match up with the hair.
  • For the extension, choose an expert who employs no waxes, glues, and heat that can damage the hair. The extension should be tightened on a regular basis and one also needs to follow the instructions of the stylist.
  • It nearly takes 3 hours to put up the extension.
  • To maintain the integrity of the hair and to get best results from the extension, the stylist must use good quality hydrating shampoo, proper conditioner. The dream catcher technician should be certified. Redken and Pureology products can break the bonds of extension.
  • Dream catchers are micro link and lock attachment. The strand by strand reusable system can cost between 1000 to 2000 dollars for the normal lengthening.
  • It needs the person to visit the salon every 4-5 weeks for hair adjustment. The system may last up to 9 months.

Certain facts about European hair extension

  • The original hair will last only for temporary period
  • You should not color European hair extension as the hair gets already porous
  • The hair may not look real
  • There may be tangles frequently
  • Swimming is not recommended

In any case, European hair extensions rockville need high level of maintenance. The styling is needed quite often but tresses will appear glamorous.

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