Recently Chris Brown was charged for the dual felonies and the criminal defense lawyer secured bail for him, which set him free for 50,000 dollars. These felonies arose from the consequence of some brutal discussion between Chris Brown and his girlfriend, Rihanna. He was supposed to be arraigned on Thursday afternoon for causing a great assault and injuries to Rihanna. He went to the extent of making criminal threats. The complaint about the felony was handed down to the court on Thursday morning, identifying Rihanna only as “Robyn F”. If Chris Brown is convicted, the possible sentence could range in between probation of four years and eight months in the prison.

What happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna?

As per the detective’s affidavit, both parties got into a fight early 8th of February when the popular ‘umbrella’ singer saw the message from another woman on Chris Brown’s cell phone. This was a shocking revelation and made her ravenous. After being accused of what happened, Brown simply pulled his car and attempted to throw out Rihanna, while she was still wearing the seat belt. This is monstrous of Chris Brown! The story does not end here. Brown pushed Rihanna towards the car window and punched her.

The punch from the right hand was terrible, speaks the Detective De Shon Andrews. The human turned monster continued to beat her and drive. The affidavit clearly states that the singer was beaten on the ear as well. This was a dangerous incident! Hence, an affidavit was filed as the part of the search warrant. Based on the phone records, texts, the case was filed against Chris Brown. When Rihanna Chris Brown criminal case pretended to drop a message for the assistant, Chris Brown threatened to kill her. This was dramatic! The blows from Brown caused Rihanna’s mouth to fill with blood. However, we have a happy ending to this entire episode!

The statement of apology by Chris Brown

After Chris Brown got arrested, he hired the best criminal defense attorney to save him. The only solution at this point of time was to seek an honest apology. After a week of arrest, Brown published the statement of apology to avoid the criminal charges. He felt deeply ‘sorry and saddened’ at the whole event. Great news for Chrish Brown! Rihanna would not charge him anymore for what happened. However, the ‘squeaky-clean’ image of Chris Brown and the singer got deeply damaged after the whole thing.

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