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What could be the reason behind the rave about Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment? While waves and curls have their own charm and beauty, some people still prefer to get their natural hair straightened, while others simply want to try out something different, just for a change. Aside from that, even if it might not seem fair, waves and curls can all for a lot of maintenance, and other people simply opt for the straightforward manageability of straight and flowing tresses.

There are now a lot of salons that offer different hair straightening techniques. Among the most in demand methods today is Brazilian hair straightening treatment. This is very famous for the amazing results it creates even on the tightest of curls.

How Does Hair Straightening Work?

This keratin hair straightening method involves sealing of the hair bonds using liquid keratin. Although keratin has a natural presence in the human hair, this is less visible in wavy or curly hair. The liquid keratin is primarily added for covering up the spaces found on the surface of the hair to make the hair smoother, stronger, and at times, longer.

How Is It Applied?

The very first step in the process of hair straightening involves the application of keratin solution followed by blow drying. It is then ironed with the use of a hot hair iron in order to straighten the hair out. Through this, every frizz in your hair will be removed, making your hair more manageable. This will then result to a softer, shinier, silkier, and straighter hair.

What’s Good About This Treatment?

The main benefit of this particular method for hair straightening compared to other methods is the fact that this does not cause permanent change in your hair texture. This is just a short term process, with the new growth still bearing the original texture, while the treated hair will have noticeably smoother waves or curls.

Other procedures for hair straightening such as relaxers or perms can permanently change the texture of your hair, not to mention that they also contain chemicals which can cause some major damages to your hair overtime.

Also a major advantage of this method is its effective. This keratin technique can work well with pretty much all types of hair, including very tight and coarse curls, with great results achieved. This can also be used even on color treated tresses.

How Long Will It Last?

The keratin Brazilian hair treatment can last for as much as three months wherein repeated salon visits are needed to maintain it. Your first sitting will probably need more time, which can range to as much as 9 hours for you to get the results you want.

Following the initial treatment, your hair will typically become less frizzy, with the curls becoming more manageable. The newest hair straightening treatments are going to be applied primarily for targeting new hair growth.

When you feel like looking good for a change, a keratin treatment in salon is the best choice you’ve got to make a big difference to your overall appearance.


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