What are the features of Hollywood and where celebrities live in Hollywood?

Magnificent private terraces and the beautiful poolside gazebos feature the Beverly Hills backyards. There are a lot many high-esteemed homes which are very pricey. Hollywood stars love to flaunt their celebrity status and live in the region. When you are on for a star-studded tour, the celebrity doorstep becomes your ultimate destination. So be it musicians, singers, actors, painters, Hollywood Hills, Beverley Hills are the prime zones where celebrities prefer to live. The neighborhood of the Hollywood Hills is the one stop destination for the lighthearted frivolity. If you are hiking onto the hills, you are sure to have the spectacles of grandeur which is praiseworthy. You can ascend the nature trails and move onto the iconic Hollywood sign and take a stroll at the Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

The prominent stars residing in the Hollywood

Mila Kunis is the one actor who owns a lavish condo in the West Hollywood and she even has the house in the Chicago. The ‘Black Swan’ beauty has been staying in Chicago with her fiancé Ashton Kutcher. Johnny Depp also owns a home in the West Hollywood which was bought in the year 1996. The very famous Ketty Perry has lived in the three-bedroom apartment in the West Hollywood after she split with her husband Russell Brand. Marilyn Monroe has rented a beautiful apartment in the West Hollywood and Frank Sinatra also has the home here. Chris Brown is another who owns 3000 square feet of condo in the West Hollywood.

Who are the other celebrities residing in the Hollywood?

Kelly Osborne has taken a home in the West Hollywood and now it is up for sale at $1.3 million. Katharine Hepburn also lived in the Hollywood and her mansion is sophisticated. It is amazing to know how costly the mansions and condos are in West Hollywood. Russell Brand sold his mansion for $6.5 million. Kylie Minogue had a home in the early 2000s.

The name of Charlie Chaplin cannot be missed out when one is talking about West Hollywood. He owned the world famous home in the Hollywood and now this has been converted into the bed and breakfast hotel named The Charlie Hotel. Howard Hughes lived in the West Hollywood and the scenes of ‘Aviator’ were shot by Martin Scorcese in the former house of Hughes. Melissa McCarthy’s home is being sold at $1.3 million in the West Hollywood. Faye Dunaway rents his home at $4250 per month which is huge.

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