What Happens If I Don’t Use A Rug Pad

If you have ever removed an old rug before, then you might have noticed a piece of foam beneath the rug and on top of the floor. Those are rug pads and here is what happens if you don’t use them for your antique rugs.

Rug Pads Protect Your Floors

If you don’t use a rug pad, then be prepared for your floors to be filled with scratches. Usually, people put a lot of furniture and heavy stuff on top of their rugs and they think that the rug provides enough cushion for there to be no scratches. This is wrong and you will be able to see for yourself how many scratches the floor underneath your rug will have. You need to invest in a good rug pad that will help to cushion your floors, especially wooden floors because they tend to scratch a lot.

They Provide A Barrier Between Your Floor And The Rug

Rug pads are a barrier between your floor and rug. They not only help to prevent scratches on the floors but they also make your woolen area rug last longer by preventing too much rubbing against the floor. This barrier is very important for several reasons, but the main one being that your rug will significantly last a lot longer and your floors will also be in a pristine condition after using a rug pad. You can clearly see a huge difference when you use a rug pad under your rug and when you don’t. The condition of the rug and the floor says it all for you.

Rugs without a rig pad fray a lot quicker and they also become very thin over time. So, it’s better to invest in a rug pad which is a little bit shorter than your rug, in this way it will remain concealed under the rug and it will also do its job. Talk about hidden charms.

Keeps The Rug Ventilated

This might sound bizarre but your rug also needs ventilation. If your rug is directly touching the floor, there is no way for air to come in from underneath the rug and ventilate it. When you use a rug pad, not only does it provide a cushion between your floors and rug, but it also lifts up the rug by several millimeters and that is enough for air to come through all sides of the rug.

You will be surprised at how much germs and bacteria your rug can carry if it is not ventilated properly. So, make sure that you do invest in a rug pad to keep your surroundings clean and bacteria free.

Rug Pads Don’t Let Your Rug Slip

This is probably the most general use of a rug pad and why people buy it in the first place. A lot of slick floors like marble and granite don’t hold the rug nicely and it always slips and slides on the slightest of movement. A rig pad helps to create a frictional barrier between the slick floors and the rug and prevents it from moving around too much. This keeps your rug in place and it saves you the time and hassle of always putting the rug in place.

Rug Pads Protect Your Rug Too

As mentioned above, rug pads protect your floors from getting scratches. Well, rug pads not only protect your floors but they also protect your handwoven rug and keep it looming in great shape. Rugs without rug pads can wither away in no time at all because they are always under friction with the floor. The floors mess with the backing of the rug and the whole rug will be ruined in some time. Getting a foam rug pad will help to keep your rug in good shape and it will not thin out over time at all.


Rugs pads are a great thing to use if you don’t want your rug to be slipping and sliding along the floors every time someone takes a step on it. They are a great lifesaver and you will thank yourself later after you opt for a rug pad in the future. You can easily find many kinds of rug pads in rug stores Vienna VA.

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