Common problems with your icemakers

Is your commercial icemaker running into several issues? Well, there is no doubt that a commercial ice maker or a ice dispenser is an important part of any commercial restaurant. Especially during the summer season. If your guests are not getting their chilled drinks, then you must get commercial ice-maker repairs right away if you do not want to experience losses due to reduced sales.

Of course, it makes no sense for a restaurant customer to buy a warm drink from you during a hot summer season. During this time, your customers will expect ice-cold drinks such as cold coffees, fresh juices, and what not.

Common problems with ice makers

If you are a restaurant owner, then you have a huge responsibility of making sure that your restaurant equipment is working in the best shape possible at all times.

However, sometimes, it is common to run into issues about which, you have no idea. But worry not, because we are here to help you out with that. In this article, we put together a number of issues that you commercial ice-maker can face in the restaurant. And along with that, we also mention the possible solutions for that.

Not dispensing water and ice

The most common problems with ice makers is that they sometimes totally refuse to dispense any ice and water. This means that the water flow is very less in the ice maker. In this case, make sure that the water is turned on.

Furthermore, also check that the outlet of the machine is not blocked due to any reason. Sometimes, the tray inside the ice maker lifts if too much ice blocks it. So, simply open it up and clear the pathway. If nothing else is wrong, ice will start flowing again.

Along with that, also check the pressure of the water flowing in the ice maker. In case the pressure is very low, this means that ice is not even forming in your ice maker. In that case, you should call a routine maintenance check.

No ice at all

In case you notice that there is no ice in your dispenser, then first check the power and make sure that it has the right temperature. If you still do not notice any ice, then it probably means that the water line is frozen and clogged. In this case, defrosting the machine and switching off the power would be the first most important step.

After that, just turn on the ice maker again and see if it is making ice. If not, then you will need the help of a professional repair company.


Are you noticing any leakages from your ice machine on the floor? Know that it is not normal. First of all, you must ensure that the ice maker is leveled. Then take a look at the damages in any water pipes around you. Finally, check the filler cup and ensure that it is positioned in the right away. If the ice maker is still leaking, then you must talk to a professional and take their advice.


All the above mentioned issues are the most common ones that ice makers experience. In case you are noticing similar issues in your ice maker, then carry out the steps that we have mentioned. But if nothing resolves, then do not waste any time and call a professional right away.

For that, we always suggest you get help from the top end commercial appliances repair Fairfax company. Going to low-end contractors will not be the solution. In fact, it could make things even worse than they are.

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