Crane Rentals: Tips To Consider When Lifting Heavy Loads

When you are looking to lift heavy objects you should get a crane. All you need to do is to visit your local crane rentals and place your order. For you to have a successful crane lifting project, you should consider a number of things:

Who is going to direct the lifting?

The heart of any successful project is proper organization. The same thing applies when you are lifting heavy loads. Before you begin the lifting you should determine who is going to be the lift director. The professional provides the direction to any person working on the site.

The director doesn’t necessary need to be the crane operator, but he/she should be well versed with the proper working of the crane and how to ensure that everyone is safe during the entire process.

When there is a problem on the site, it’s the responsibility of the director to fix it and give everyone on the site the direction that they should follow for them to make the process easy and successful.

What is the type of crane that you are using?

While is the something that you should worry about early in the process, you should still think about it before you start lifting. Determine whether the crane is large enough to carry the load that you want to move. You also should determine whether the crane has the necessary design to work on the site.

For you to have an easy time replacing the crane, work with a reputable company with a fleet of cranes. Avoid working a company with only one crane as you will be forced to part with more money hiring another crane in the event the one you are working with fails.

What are the hazards involved?

You know that there are plenty of hazards involved when you are lifting heavy objects, right? Some of the most common ones are:

Electrical hazards: OSHA reports that over half of the crane accidents come about when the crane gets into contact with the power source during the lifting. The crane is likely to get into contact with the power line when it’s moving materials nearby or under energized power lines and the hoist line or boom gets into contact with the lines.

In most cases, the crane operator is electrocuted. In other cases, the risk extends to the other personnel working in the area. For you to avoid this danger on your site you should take the necessary precautions.

One of the things you should do is to train the people working on the site. Let them know about the dangers of the site and how they can prevent them from coming about. You also should ensure that you work with an experienced and reputable crane contractor.

Overloading: This is another risk that you should be aware of. Many people overload the cranes when they don’t know their maximum weight limit or when they want to complete the work fast. Overloading the crane puts stress on the crane which can result in irreversible damage.

To prevent this issue from coming about on your site you should educate the crane operator and the other personnel working on the site about the maximum carrying capacity of the crane. You also should start the project early enough so that you aren’t in a hurry to complete it when it’s already too late.

Falling materials: This problem is common when you are dealing with an overhead crane. The load that you are carrying can fall due to visual impairment, slipping, two-blocking, operator incompetency, and mechanical failure.

When materials fall they not only put the crane at the risk of getting damaged, they also put other people at risk.

One of the most effective ways of reducing the risk of the materials falling is to undertake a thorough inspection of the crane before you begin the lifting.

Crane services VA providers also recommend that you also ensure that the load is properly secured in place. Before the crane lifts the crane way above, test whether the material is held properly and can’t slip and crash to the ground.

To protect the people working on the site, ensure that they are always dressed in the right protective clothing. This includes foot, hand, head, and eye protection.

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