ReDesign Your Turf With Area Rugs

It’s quite exciting and challenging at the same time to do a home reorganization. Since you were told that area rugs can do the job, you fly out to the nearest rugs on sale store in your area to pick the floor covers that match your taste and interior. But you don’t just choose, you also have to consider some points to be able to nail that remodeling project you’re working on.

Let the Area Rugs Do the Job

Okay, so you can always spice up your home by reinventing your floors and that’s great, but it’s not always easy to change them. However, with area rugs, if you no longer want them to replace them or move it to another room where it will look much better. The fact is, it’s not that simple to compliment your home, but area rugs always make it easy.

Pick The Right Color

Having the right color is the gateway to representing your room in style and fashion. It’s by far the easiest to begin with and you can use a color wheel to help you choose the right color combination. If your room has a theme, then think about the closest color and match it the colors closest to it in the color wheel or the shades opposite to it. It may appear a bit oversimplified, but it’s one way of giving you a hint of the color combination.

Define A Space

One of the major things that area rugs are really good at is its way of emphasizing your room’s layout and style. These attractive floor decors can easily remodel and compliment any room, like your living room, workspace, home entertainment and your walkway. It defines a room, yes, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that an area rug should cover the whole space. What you only need is the right size where the feet of your furniture can fit like your sofa, coffee table, center table and side tables. Remember that your goal is to highlight the room and not cover it with a rug.

Rugs Over Carpet Is Okay

This floor covering technique is still quite debatable for some but is highly suggested and favorable by most homeowners and interior designers. If you really wanted a room as your focal point placing an area rug over your carpet is no big deal. In act, the contrast in hues, and style will enhance the room more and will highlight other areas that is the least noticeable. It will also secure your area rugs from slipping out of its place. Choosing a contrasting shade of area rug from your room’s carpet theme is very important based from the many interior stylist’s points of view.

Now that you have an idea on how you can complement your home with area rugs, guess it’s time to put it into action.

The Room’s purpose

– Before you lay your rug in one of your rooms, think about what the role of that room is. Is it a dining area? A music room? A bedroom? Or a study? It is crucial that you know what that room can ado and what it’s all about because that will be your pattern to purchase the right rug that can represent that room’s character.

Consider the Room’s Theme

Base your rug design and style from what is actually inside the room. The existing texture and patterns can be your basis of the kind of rug that you will be picking.

The Area Rug Size

– Bear in mind that the larger the rug is, the more it amplifies small spaces and emphasizes its character more.


– Being aware of the room’s measurement is great, at least you already know the size of area rug that you will be scouting for. Like for your living room, example, if you have a dining set of 6 and is occasionally filled, the size of your area should just be enough to cover the sets feet even if you pull the chair out and back again.

Value Its Legacy

Area rugs are an investment, no doubt. Sometimes you will come across a piece of rug that has the most natural and authentic fibers and sometimes is also handmade. This (handmade) kind of area rug is also the most pricey because it’s the one that can last a lifetime if you take good care of it. Because the moment that a portion of it gets ruined, you have to replace the entire rug. Hand-knotted pieces are the most special ones because it takes time to complete an entire product. Truly, it is considered an art.

Area rugs are not pieces of thick decorative clothing that you lay over your floor area. It has a purpose and each piece has a story. If you ask the rug stores Alexandria about area rugs they can definitely provide you with its detail, material, maintenance, and value. Make sure to make the right choice because having an area rug to revamp your home is an investment over an art piece.

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