How Celebrities Lose Weight Fast for Red Carpet Events

Healthy diet plan for women will differ significantly with that of men since they have different daily nutritional requirement. Following a balanced diet is essential to ensure better health and sustained growth.

Balanced diet – what exactly does it mean?

Balanced diet primarily refers to the nutritional requirement the body needs on a regular basis. It clearly identifies and segregates the total amount of carbohydrate, calorie intake, protein, mineral, vitamins, and other nutrients a body must consume on a daily basis to remain healthy and fit. Balanced diet always focuses more into consuming low-fat dairy products along with higher emphasis on fish, poultry, and whole grain foods. Balanced diet also focuses on the total amount of food to be consumed in a day. It also specifies clearly about the best time to eat proteins, carbs, and fats.

Nutritional needs vary from one individual to another

Nutritional needs vary largely from one person to another depending largely on age, size, sex, and lifestyle activities. In general, women require fewer nutrients than men with the exception of fiber and salt.

Food intake break-up

  • Breakfast

You need to eat several times a day. Any healthy diet plan for weight loss will suggest that you need to have a protein enriched breakfast comprising of eggs, lean ham, salmon, and other low-fat dairy products. Remember, it is easy to burn the calories digesting from proteins rather than the carbs. Henceforth, ensure that you have a protein rich breakfast that will help in reviving your metabolism while keeping you full for long enough to resist you from consuming fewer calories from the remaining hours. Breakfast plays an important role in preserving your health while maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Mid-morning snack

Want to manage your blood sugar level? Then you should eat often but the quantity should be minimal. But be cautious with the type of food you consume. For mid-morning snacks, you can have some fruits and veggie sticks, oatcakes, and nuts.

  • Lunch

The diet should comprise of starchy carbs and lean proteins. Always opt for the high fiber enriched whole gain foods, plenty of salad, fish, and low fat dairy products for lunch.

  • Mid-afternoon

You can have a fruit or some unsalted nuts during this time. If you have a sweet tooth, try out flavored yoghurt (unsweetened version).

  • Dinner

You can have vegetable salads with small portion of brown rice, whole meal pasta, and baked beans, lean meat, and fish. However, the healthy diet plan for women will always suggest having small portion of these foods during the after dark hours.

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