Which singer has the most hit songs?

The most famous singer, having the most hit sings, is also a famous DJ, who is influential at the same time. The influential DJ in the club culture is the one who undoubtedly creates the most influential mixes and songs and hence gets voted as the finest DJ. Frankie Knuckles played an important role in popularizing the House music. Since he developed the genres of music, Knuckles is popularly known as the “The Godfather of House Music”. Along with the guests, it is the bride and the groom as well who enjoy great music. The guests will get a memorable experience if you hire famous DJs.

The on demand music playing

Whether you hire a famous DJ or any DJ, you can ask him to play the music of your choice. The professional musician can play any music of your choice. The DJ can offer you different kinds of music services. The entire environment is sure to become amazing and welcoming. By meeting the demands of the guests, the entire event is made special. The professional wedding companies offer DJ musical packages, the large music library, the special video services, the standardized services. You can expect smooth entertainment with music. The professional wedding company will offer exclusive services.

Entertain your guests to the fullest with DJ services

For the reception, you need a good DJ services. Everything should be discussed in advance so that confusion is avoided. The venue is planned and the timing is discussed. If it is the wedding occasion, you can consider the string quartet, harpist and the saxophonist. Roger Sachez is the famous music DJ who is known for mixing music and producing remixes. Being the DJ award winner 4 times on the row, the DJ has 12 nominations in all. It is great to know that Sachez also won first International Dance Music Award.

Celebrities looking for famous DJs tend to try out names like Danny Tenaglia, Carl Cox, David Morales, Larry Levan, etc. Among all the DJs, the most famous DJ services is supposedly Robbert van de Corput who is popularly known as Hardwell. The DJ is the great singer, music composer and producer. He is renowned for his live sets and has performed in the festivals like Ultra and Tomorrowland. The streaming videos have already garnered millions of views. Gaining immense fame and name in the year 2010, the DJ did his debut album in the year 2015, namely, ‘United We Are’. In fact, he has the most hit songs.

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