How To Rebuild A Chimney

Rebuilding a chimney is a slightly complicated process. Although they are meant to last for years to come, it mostly depends on external factors such as weather conditions and maintenance. You should ensure chimney inspections to maintain and repair it. So, if you have a damaged chimney, let us help you rebuild it considering a few important steps.

How To Restore A Masonry Chimney?

Masonry chimneys tend to be the most common in households. It comprises several components that with time can erode and will require replacement. If you observe there are some bricks out of order, you can repoint them to fix the problem.

Repointing is simply a process where you remove the existing mortar from the chimney and add fresh mortar. However, if due to extreme weather conditions, the chimney was severely damaged, it could be that you will need to replace all the bricks.

This could be a frustrating issue as the process takes time and money but it will be beneficial in the long run instead of paying someone to fix a few bricks here and there. Since it won’t be a reliable fix, you will end up with problems later down the road.

Consider The Repair Costs

When it comes to estimating the repairing costs of chimneys, you have to consider the intensity of the damage. In simple words, the more the work, the higher the costs. However, on average, chimney rebuilds cost around $500+. The total price of the rebuild will depend on the materials, size, and issues you are dealing with.

If your chimney has been damaged for a while, it might need a full replacement. This is going to cost you a lot of money as you will need to rebuild it from the ground up.

Determine The Parts That Need To Be Rebuilt

A chimney rebuilding does not necessarily mean that you will need to rebuild a chimney from the ground up. In some cases, you can simply repair or replace the damaged parts and get the chimney running back to its normal state. However, in most cases, it is the bricks that need to be replaced or metal parts that have caught rust.

Therefore, before planning to rebuild a chimney, make sure that you inspect it thoroughly and see if you could repair or replace the damaged areas. The best way to do that is by scheduling a chimney inspection. A trained individual will be able to spot all the minor and major problems with the chimney.

Water infiltration is another major cause of chimney deterioration. By opting for a waterproofing service, you can prolong the life of your chimney. If in case, the chimney needs to be rebuilt, the professional will simply need some bricks, mortar, sealants, and other vital components if replacement is needed.

Common Types Of Chimney Repairs


A blockage is a common issue amongst chimneys as the homeowners mostly tend to ignore basic maintenance and cleaning. In the case of a blockage, the toxic gasses will not be able to escape and might enter the house as well. It could be anything from a bird’s nest to a buildup of debris and waste.

Keep in mind that creosote is the most dangerous form of blockage. As the wood burns in the fireplace, both black tar and soot will float up the chimney and get deposited in the flue lining. Creosote is flammable and can lead to many chimney fires in homes.

Malfunctioning chimneys produce carbon monoxide, which is tasteless, odorless, and colorless. These factors make it a deadly gas for humans as prolonged exposure can lead to death as well. Therefore, if you observe that your chimney is struggling to perform, you will need a professional to remove the blockage.

Chimney Lining

The chimney lining is one of the most important components of a chimney. Not only does it help vent your chimney but also prevents carbon monoxide poisoning. That said, a cracked lining could be extremely dangerous as it could cause fire to spread inside the house.

The best way to avoid such situations is by considering a flue lining made of steel. This is because steel is more resistant to heat and damage. As a result, you will not be needing frequent replacements.

Final Word

In the end, rebuilding a chimney is not much of a complicated task, especially for professionals. Although it is your responsibility as a homeowner to keep the chimney maintained, if severe damages occur, a chimney repair Columbia MD expert can help you restore your chimney the right way within a matter of days.

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