Everything that you should know about chimney relining

You may or may not have heard about chimney relining before. Simply put, chimney relining is a process in which a new flue liner is installed inside the chimney. As a result of this, your house stays protected when you turn the furnace on. Considering the fact that house fires eruptions has increased due to a lack of awareness regarding best chimney practices, it is very important to get chimneys relined. So, essentially, you should call in chimney relining services at least once after every few months.

At least, it is highly recommended for you to call such a company before the start of every season. So next winter season, before you turn your chimneys on, make sure that they are properly relined and cleaned. In this regard, getting work done near the end of summer is the perfect time!

In this article, we put together everything that you need to know about chimney relining services. These include:

What is chimney liner?

Chimney liner is one of the most important aspects of the chimney. The primary use of a chimney liner is to direct the heat that is produced from combustion outside. As a result of this, the combustible parts of the house that exist outside stay at bay from chimney fires.

How many types of chimney liners are there?

There are a number of chimney liner types that include ceramic liners, cement liners, and clay flue liners. Furthermore, you may also find some metal flue liners in the market out there. In case we talk about clay flue liners, they can last up to 50 years or more. However, they have to be maintained properly and cleaned regularly. The best part about clay flue liners is that they are able to endure the combustion and heat of product for a long time. Where on one hand these flue liners last for a very long time, they are also susceptible to deterioration overtime.

In comparison, ceramic and cement liners also last as long as 50 years. According to some people, cement liners are more beneficial as they strengthen the clay flues. Furthermore, cement liners are also resistant to combustion and various other heat effects.

In the end, we have the metal flue liners that are also referred to as stainless steel liners. They are usually recommended the most by the experts. Due to their primary material they are able to last as much as a lifetime.

Why is it important to reline the chimneys?

Damaged and old chimneys have to be very dangerous because they can start chimney fires very quickly. These fires are very difficult to control as a result of which they spread throughout the house very quickly.

Apart from a fire hazard, an old chimney can also cause leakage of carbon monoxide in the house. Since carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas, it can quickly result in gas poisoning which will cause immediate death.

To protect your house at all times, make sure that the reliner is in proper condition before turning the furnace or the fireplace on.

Ending note

The above-mentioned information is almost all that you need to know about chimney relining and chimney repair Ellicott City. Just remember that it is a very important step and should not be delayed. This is because once a chimney fire erupts, it becomes very difficult to control in no time. This is the prime reason why chimney fires tend to take in the entire house. If such an incident occurs, it can potentially cost you lives and thousands of dollars as your furniture and house may get burned.

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