Regular Furnace Service And Other Good Furnace Practises

For you to have a great time with your furnace, you need to know how to live with it properly. To help you out, here are tips given by furnace service professionals on how to properly use the furnace:

Keep the filter clean

The purpose of the filter is to filter the air
getting into the house. Furnace contractors usually install it where the return
duct enters the furnace. It removes the particulates from the air before the
air gets into the house.

A properly maintained furnace will remove a wide
range of materials including: pet dander, dust mites, dust, spores, bacteria,
and many others.

There are many types of air filters in the
market ranging from simple, basic filters to high end units. The basic units
are designed to catch high percentages of particulates that flow into your
house. The more expensive ones on the other hand provide improved air quality,
which comes in handy to people suffering from asthma and allergies.

For your furnace to function optimally, you need
to keep the air filter clean all the time. The frequency at which you clean the
air filters depends on how you use it. If you regularly use the furnace, you
should clean the air filters at least once every month.

If you don’t use the furnace that often,
consider cleaning the filters once every three months.

Some people ignore cleaning the filters which is
dangerous. You should note that when you run the furnace with dirty filters,
the furnace tends to work too hard, which not only leads to the furnace
consuming a lot of energy, it also leads to it failing to work after a short

In some cases, the filters are too dirty or
damaged for cleaning. In such a case, you should simply replace them. When replacing
them, go for high quality pieces that will last for a long time.

Ensure that the blower motor is functioning properly

The furnace blower motor drives the fan that provides air movement in the furnace. The heating element heats the heat exchanger until it reaches the desired temperature, then the blower motor picks it up and pushes it through the heat exchanger.

The consequence of this is the heating up of the
house. In addition to providing air for the furnace, the furnace blowers also
provide air for the air conditioning system.

If you didn’t know, you should know that it’s in
the furnace blower where the air filter is located. This means that in addition
to the furnace running noisily, when you don’t properly maintain the blower
motor, it tends to consume a lot of energy as the air filters don’t work as
optimally as they are supposed to.

For you to ensure that the furnace runs
smoothly, you should ensure that the blower motor is in top condition all the

Aim at reducing the cold air getting into the house

The role of the furnace is to warm up the air in
the house; therefore, when the air is already warm, the unit won’t have to work
too hard. For you to reduce the amount of cold air, you should take measures
that reduce the air getting into the house.

One of the ways of doing so is being strategic
in how you use the curtains. You should open them during the day on the south
or west-facing windows, thus allowing warm sunshine to enter. You should
remember to keep the windows and curtains closed on the north side.

The other trick you can use is to use ceiling
fans. Heat naturally rises and tends to collect near the ceiling. When you run
the fan on low, you push the hot air down thus the furnace doesn’t have to work
as hard.

Undertake regular furnace tune ups

The last thing you need to do is to tune up your appliance on a regular basis. At least once a year, hire a furnace repair service Long Island provider to inspect your system and if there is any issue present, fix it.

For you to get ideal results, ensure that the
contractor you hire is certified and highly experienced at undertaking furnace
repairs. You should avoid cheap or inexperienced contractors as they will give
you a poor service.

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