Women’s Health Partaking To Sexual and Reproduction

Different kinds of approaches are taken towards women’s health in society, which is being affected by the biological conditions and different types of circumstances like environmental situations and employment. Men’s and women’s reproductive and sexual well-being differs from each other. Even pregnancy and childbirth posses a significant risk to the mortality of mothers. In most parts of society, women are looked down upon, which makes them victims of human abuse and poor health.

The international council on Women’s health issues (ICOWHI) is set up for women to advance their health, health care, and welfare by empowering, educating, and doing research.

It is of paramount priority for women to be sexually and reproductive healthy. They can choose and decide, especially when the right time is to have children or to get pregnant. The right to be accessible to the instruction about ways to take contraception and helps to unplanned and unwanted pregnancy.

Getting unwanted pregnancies as a result of rape can make one result into abortion. Abortion is the method of eliminating pregnancy. A dc abortion clinic is available, focusing mainly on terminating pregnancy like the women’s choice clinic set up with Gynecologist. They are doctors who specialized in female reproductive organs, which different matters, such as menstruation, childbirth, obstetrics, fertility, hormone disorder, etc. Getting an early stage abortion is done when the pregnancy is in the first 12-14 weeks gone.

The early-term abortion clinics deal with pregnancy that is at the first trimester(early stage). This can be aborted by the medical abortion method which involves the use of pills(mifepristone) and suction abortion which is the use of surgical means. The surgery involves the use of medical equipment which is allowed to pass through the vagina and uterus. The medical abortion is done on the pregnancy that is up to 10 weeks from the first day of last menstruation, while that of the surgical method is 12weeks from the first day of last menstruation.

The second-trimester abortion clinic involves the second-trimester stage of pregnancy which is 14-23weeks after the last menstruation. The pregnancy at this stage is best aborted through the vaginal Induction method. Misoprostol is a discharge through the vaginal is an effective method in getting rid of the pregnancy.

A pregnancy that ranges from 24weeks and above is at its last trimester. It is when a woman has reached the full-term pregnancy stage. Late-term abortion is done by using the dilation and extraction method. There is also a hysterectomy method, but it is risky.


There are different ways to improve the health of women.

  • Eating natural food diet that contains grains, high fiber, low fatty food, and some food that contains calcium to avoid osteoporosis which is the diseases that cause weak bone.
  • Doing exercise to reduce heart disease.
  • Do breast checkup by using mammograms to discover any form of cancer.
  • Relax and manage stress.
  • Wash the weight, maintain moderate weight, so as not to cause problems during pregnancy.

The use of surgical ways by suction method to empty the uterus and dilation & evacuation is called in-clinic abortion dc method. It is safe and productive for women’s health.

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