Easy home remedies for skin problems like pimples

Skin is an important organ of human body. Any problems related to skin like pimples etc have to be treated in the initial days of its formation itself as it can adversely affect the appearance as well as self confidence and self esteem of the concerned person. For treating pimples one must choose the method which has zero or negligible side effects. Ayurveda is such a method for treating skin problems known as pimples.

Ayurveda treatment can be practiced as home remedy

Pimples are considered the worst enemy of teenagers as it adversely affects the beauty as well as self esteem of the person concerned. Ayurveda offers a simple treatment which is very effective and can be practiced at home. When your face becomes fresh and clean your body is filled with freshness and charm. Basil is a plant grown in the house of most of the Indians. It has some medical components contained in it which are good for pimples.  Get a few basil leaves and add a few drops of warm water into it and make a paste of these. Apply this paste on your face regularly for some days and you can see that your pimples vanish very easily.

Lime and honey for pimple treatment

Take a teaspoon of honey and mix with fresh lemon juice. Apply this solution on dark spots and pimples seen on your face. Take care not to apply them on aggravated pimples as they are likely to causes burning sensation giving panic to the person concerned. Repeat this daily till good results are found.

Cinnamon and honey for skin care

Cinnamon is a good agent used for the treatment of pimples. Make the roasted cinnamon into powder form. Add some drops of honey and make a paste. Applying this paste on the affected areas daily will help you to clear any type of pimples from your face.

Neem is the perfect solution for pimples

Make a paste using neem leaves and warm water. Applying this paste on the affected area will produce surprising results. Wash off the applied cream with warm water. Bathing in neem water is also helpful for removing the pimples found in your face.

Tomato or potato treatment for pimples

Apply the sticky juice of potatoes or tomatoes directly over your pimples for about 10-15 minutes.  Potato’s natural bleaching quality gives your skin a fresh and clean look. The same procedure can be done with tomato juice also and similar results will be produced in this case also.

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