Steps to Host a Memorable Graduation Party

Graduation is a big deal… you should celebrate this success in STYLE! Hosting a graduation party, which is remembered by all your friends, relatives and even enemies, makes sense. For this purpose, you can take help from party rental services, party entertainers, party planners, party DJ, party caterers etc.

Tips for a hosting a great Graduation Party

Finally, it’s the time to commemorate all the amazing days you spent in the school and it is also a time to say GOODBYE to your school buddies. Your graduation party should be for everyone. Whether it is a nerd, fashion queen, gay group or love birds, everyone should enjoy it. This is how you can make your party memorable for everyone. Have a quick glance over below mentioned graduation party planning tips, and celebrate your glory.

Confine party budget

Budget planning is the very first step of party planning. The rest of the party planning steps solely depend on the party budget. Accumulate all your buddies who are going to help you with hosting party, take their recommendation and choose the party budget.

Finalizing party venue

Whether you have planned a poolside party, outdoor party, club party or indoor party, start party arrangements as soon as possible. Take permission for using party venue from your parents or book your party venue in advance.


Make a systematic guest list and prepare invitation cards. Clearly mention party theme, party timing and party venue on the invitation card.

Make arrangements

This is the most important part of the party planning. Make party arrangements according to the number of guests. Get ready to rent party tables, chairs and other important items.

Plan a menu

Food and drinks are the heart and soul of every party. Prepare a menu which contains a variety of items. Have some veg and some non-veg items, include some alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and don’t forget to include desserts.

Party entertainment

Since this party is for youth, your arrangements for entertainment should be solid. Hire party dj, rent dance floor and install disco light, and get ready to ROCK.

These tips will surely help you in hosting a ground shaking party, which will be remembered by all your friends.

Expert Advice on Choosing Party Tents..!

Are you thinking about hosting an outdoor party? Are you looking for grand venue to host a big corporate event? Or are you planning a backyard party? Well, if so, then tent rentals can be really very beneficial for you. A tent can beautifully isolate your party venue from rest of the world. Also, in order to create a party aura, it is important to cover party venue with tent.

Party tents

Nowadays, various kinds of party tents are available for different kinds of parties. You are required to select the party tent according to your party. For example corporate party tent and wedding tent cannot be same. To help you with your decision, below mentioned are the different types of tents available on rent, from the traditional to the truly unique.

Types of party tents

Pole tents

Pole tents are supported by a pole and wires. These types of tent have big showy top. Pole tents look beautiful and are ideal for weddings. You can decorate these tents in the desired manner. However, it is not possible to set pole tents on the concrete surface.

Framed tents

Framed tents are the most common party tents. A metal frame support the entire structure of the frame. These tents look incredibly beautiful and can be decorated in stunning manner. It is really very easy to set framed tent at any random location.

Marquee tents

Marquee tents show the amalgamation of pole tent and frame tent. These tents have the convenience of the metal frame tent along with the visual appeal of the pole tent. The marquee tent gives you the best of both worlds.

Open clear tents

Open clear tents are the most adorable tents available in the market. These tents have clear top, which provide true fun of outdoor party. However, open clear tent rentals are quite expensive as compared to other tents.

Tropical style tents

If you are hosting a beach party, then tropical tents are ideal for you. Tropical style tents are generally apt for the beach style parties. The use of tropical tent is almost purely aesthetics as they offer little to no protection from the outdoor elements.

5 Party hosting mistakes that you should avoid

Parties can be ruined by cost overruns, poor scheduling and unsystematic planning. Many party hosts take party planning lightly and throw a party which fails them miserably. In order to host a successful party, hosts should smartly tackle the party rental companies, finalize best caterer, choose suitable party menu, make proper arrangements for guests, and look after party entertainment. But if all these things are not handled adequately, host will face tough time during his own party.

Hosting a stress free party

Whether it is a grand party or a small get to gather, it is important to know about all the dos and don’ts of the party hosting. Keeping all your party guests happy while juggling with foods, drinks, decorations and music, can be stressful. If you are an inexperienced host, then it’s easy for you to miss important details. Get it right by avoiding these common party hosting mistakes.

Common party hosting mistakes

Mistake #1: Not Giving Your Neighbors the Heads-up

Loud music and yelling can trouble your neighbors. The last thing you want is police to visit your party, because your neighbors have formally complained. Thus, politely talk to neighbors about party and tell them to come any time when they feel music is too loud.

Mistake #2: Forgetting To Introduce Your Guests

If your guests don’t know each other, it is your responsibility to introduce them. This is how people can enjoy with each other in your party. Introducing guest is also a way of acknowledging that they are welcome to the party.

Mistake #3: Not serving non-alcoholic alternatives

Yes, not all people like alcoholic drinks. So, serve some non-alcoholic drinks in your party.

Mistake #4: Overdrinking at your own party

Yes, getting drunk at your own party is the biggest sin. After drinking, you will not be able to do simple tasks, which a party host should do.

Mistake #5: Not preparing enough food

Food is important part of party; everyone comes to the party for enjoying food and drinks. Thus, you should order enough foods and drinks. Along with food, make proper arrangements for glassware, dishware and cutlery items. You can easily find party dishware rentals.

Interview Questions for Wedding Rental Companies

With numerous wedding days set for the warmest weeks of the year, it’s not unreal to consider for affordable party rentals. The climate is often perfectly acted, flowers and the trees are blooming, along with the sun sets after to allow you into the night time to party. Depending on your style, you can find lots of different natural settings to choose from to suit your dream wedding. Here, some classics to think about.

Wedding planning and rentals

In the event that you opt to sponsor your event outdoors and you are going to really have a big bunch, you should lease in the event of bad weather or tents to keep the sun from your invitees, everyone else can nonetheless remain outdoors and have a nice time.

Combined with the tents, don’t forget to rent chairs and tables therefore that there is sufficient sitting space as well as serving tables for meals. You also have the additional advantage of using party leases that are certain to retain youngsters (and some adults also) inhabited till luncheon.

The truth is, it is possible to change your reunion by colorful bounce house rentals into a honest and inflatable water-slide rentals. These not only keep children happily busy, but also add cheerfulness and colour to some bash.

Your party rental store can give you what you require in the manner of climate-control gear. You don’t have to simply sit, wait, and trust that the climate will not be imperfect. You should learn about outdoor party planning.

Than to leave everything to chance on among the most important times of your own life, it is advisable to prepare yourself for any weather the evening might bring. Besides coolers, heaters, tents or canopies, they could additionally give you beautiful decorations that’ll meet with your particular desires. Party rental services might help you to determine what would be correct for the area in which you reside and are not difficult to work with.

Party Rental firms were underrated in wedding planning for many years, extremely. Lately, the money saving advantages without sacrificing their fantasy these firms provide was identified by couples. Many of these leasing firms have existed for decades and also have large inventories of experienced and equipment employees.

Wedding rental companies

By picking an event leasing business you are able to lease a tent that is beautiful and also have your wedding in a variety of places that will most likely be cheaper than Resort Spa Hotels Ballrooms or Country-Club. Below we have listed several steps to direct you in the proper direction.

A tent is the most significant idea to have on-hold, especially if there’s no indoor room at your venue big enough to accommodate your guests all for the ceremony and reception. Most leasing companies will allow you to to put up a tent prior to the big event until a couple of days, so which you can surveil the weather. Get that tent up if there’s more than a 30% chance of rain!

Yet another one of the numerous wedding tents decoration ideas is to choose a clear-top tent which also shield you and will give the result of getting a wedding underneath the clear skies along with the stars to you, the invitees and also the decor from the rain, if it therefore happens. Because it does not possess a centre pole when you desire unhindered room within your tent and possess a massive party, selecting a flat top framework tent is sensible.

Tips for hiring a destination wedding DJ

Finding the right wedding DJ is imperative to having a wedding reception that is great, hire the incorrect one and it might destroy your whole day! There is a stream to wedding receptions along with a professional, experienced wedding DJ which has completed several receptions is familiar with how receptions continue, the customs, and how to emcee and keep your reception moving along and keep your guests happy and dancing.

Hiring a local DJ for wedding

How many years someone has been a DJ will give you some indication of their experience degree, but several weddings each year are only performed for by some DJs. Similar to some other profession, executing for weddings needs the skills to be in top form of one. They could not be great from the time your wedding day arrives if a DJ performs for just several weddings per year.

There certainly are a number of methods to find quality entertainment. Ask for his or her business card in case the DJ did a fantastic job and hire them. The second is to ask friends or loved ones that have had great entertainment for his or her event. Attempt to assist DJs that are local to your own location. The closer the better. Make sure that you options focus on wedding songs. An excellent nightclub DJ could be an awful wedding, since a DJ who’s quite experienced in the nightclub setting will probably be at a loss because he or she simply is not comfortable with the stream of events and how to prevent catastrophes when something goes awry.

Wedding DJ

In the event you choose an entertainment business with multiple DJ’s, then expect that they out the individual DJ’s name is specified in your contract deal. Frequently, the individual you speak with isn’t the person who will be your DJ in your wedding day. It is an incredibly common pattern among services that are huge. It’s completely paramount that you’ve got an opportunity to interview, personally, the specific DJ that you will be operating with and decide whether you feel comfortable with them. In order to avoid this dilemma keep in touch with the DJ that is precise and ask to preview the precise DJ you’ll be getting at your event. Require references specific to that particular DJ and matching the sort of event you’re having. When you get in touch with an expert disc jockey or DJ company, they need to be prepared to to put on your day for a fair amount of time for you to be able to give you the opportunity to meet with them.

Make sure the DJs you consider have on site backups of everything. Check the DJ has a complete emergency backup program in case of accident or illness. The DJ ought to have the ability to describe, in more detail, exactly what would happen if if they were not able to perform. Especially, you must know how a DJ will ensure that that person is prepared and who’d be called into cover the event.

It truly is completely crucial that any affordable wedding DJ you consider carries a complete liability insurance policy.

What does she or he require with regard to food and drink? What is the DJ’s position on drinking alcohol during an event? Also make sure that the DJ is not uncomfortable with operating along side a specialist wedding planner.

Your wedding day just occurs once; make sure you hire a DJ who gets the task done right.

Wedding DJ Planning Tip

Finding the best wedding DJ is vital to getting a fantastic wedding reception, hire the one that is wrong and it might ruin your entire day! There is a stream to wedding receptions and also a specialist, experienced wedding DJ that’s done several receptions is familiar with how receptions proceed, the conventions, and to emcee and keep your reception moving along and keep your guests happy and dancing. What most couples who are planning for a wedding do not know is that conserving money by hiring an amateur DJ for your wedding comes with a price tag that is high.

Music feels better with wedding DJ

How many years somebody has been a DJ will provide you some indication of their expertise level, but a couple of weddings each year are exclusively performed to get by some DJs. Just like some other profession, by executing for weddings, one’s abilities to be in top form are required. In case a DJ performs for just several weddings each year, they may bad by the time your wedding day arrives.

There are a number of methods to locate quality entertainment. If the DJ did a great job, ask for their business card and hire them. The next is to ask relatives or friends which have had excellent entertainment for their occasion. Make an effort to assist party entertainers that are local to your own location. The closer the better. Make sure that you picks specialize in wedding receptions.

If you choose an entertainment firm with multiple DJ’s, then expect that they out the name of the individual DJ’s is specified on your own contract arrangement. Frequently, the individual you talk with is not the individual who’ll be your DJ on your own wedding day. This is an extremely common practice among huge agencies. It is absolutely paramount you have the opportunity to interview, the particular DJ that you determine whether you feel comfortable together with and will be working, personally. To avoid this dilemma speak to the exact DJ and request to preview the exact DJ you’ll be getting at your occasion.

Hire wedding DJ

Matching the type of occasion and require references specific to that DJ you’re having. When you contact a professional disc jockey or DJ company, they must be willing to to keep your day to get a reasonable amount of time for you to be able to provide you with an opportunity to meet with them.

Make sure that the DJs you contemplate have on site back-ups of everything. Confirm the DJ has a complete emergency backup plan in the event of injury or sickness. The DJ should be able to explain, in detail, just what would occur if if they were not able to perform. Particularly, you need to know by what method the DJ will ensure that that person is prepared and who would be called into cover the event.

It is absolutely essential that any DJ you contemplate carries a complete liability insurance policy. Some reception sites have even taken the step of requiring all vendors working at their facility to offer proof of insurance prior to the wedding.

Request the Persian DJ about; How will they dress for the set up of equipment, as well as for the occasion? What does he or she demand with regard to drink and food? What’s the DJ’s stand on drinking alcohol during an occasion? Also make sure that the DJ is not uncomfortable with working alongside a specialist wedding planner.

Your wedding day just happens once; ensure you hire a DJ who gets the job done right.

Things to know about wedding tents

Wedding tent rental for weddings may function as the ultimate means of being able to possess the wedding that couples dream dream of. So many couples envision a backyard wedding.

And usually, this means renting a tent.  Having enough space for them and to be able to entice the amount of individuals that couples need all can be a nightmare. Having a tent wedding can alleviate this problem by giving the chamber to feel comfortable and to enjoy the wedding and celebrations to guests. You’ll find many ways in order to enhance the setting, to decorate the tent.

How to rent a tent for outdoor wedding reception?

There really are a variety of choices that are certain to make your memories charming, when deciding to go with wedding tent rentals. Party rentals help individuals coordinate magnificent and special occasions with tents, event gear, and amusement simply and inexpensively. If you’re intending to throw an event, a massive difference can be created by a dependable party supplies company.

When you don’t understand exactly what you need for your event, you are helped by a great party rentals company in a great way. Whether it’s a a theme party for the children, a company event or a wedding celebration, leases help you in all of the ways. It is important to pay attention over wedding decoration.

Getting a wedding site may be complex and pricey, but by utilizing wedding leases you could save valuable funds on your honeymoon ahead. Of utilizing tents for weddings, cost is inexpensive. When asking your party rental shop about tents for weddings, examine to find out whether they can work something out for leasing the rest of the things necessary for the wedding or have package package offers. This can be very helpful and efficient if couples can also be renting tents or canopies for the reception.

How to decorate wedding tents?

Tents may be large enough to encourage groups that are large or large enough to host a tiny number of family and friends ; the option is as much as the couple. Couples can obtain exactly what they need for this special event from tents to tables and seats and still work with one company. By working with one company, a number of putting the wedding collectively of the worries may be alleviated.

Some party supplies are available for purchase, but some substantial and reusable supplies for example tents, tables and seats are not worse to lease. Arranging a party is obviously not complete without factoring in these types or leases into the budget. Make sure before going to program any large-scale event that you just consult with a party coordinator. Seek out experienced party coordinator who will make your event a huge success, even right down to the best possible budgetary details as well as the seating arrangement

Booking the gear with party rentals should be in advance. Some party rentals demand educate at least 3 months before the grand wedding day, if it is a large-scale wedding event.

Planning any large scale event need lot of budget. So, seeking for great deals can save lot of cash. Look for party rentals that offer discounts on bulk things. The more you let the greater you are able to save. You need to consider tent rental company NY.

There certainly are several things that you have to keep in mind with wedding tent rental units. They usually have solid cords that come with them to keep the protected. So you need to look for a way to create them more visible, these can be tripping hazards. This is done with alternative wedding decorations rentals or balloons.  Nonetheless, don’t forget that having it safe and risk-free to get a cost is far better than it dropping in in your guests in your wedding day.

Bat Mitzvah Entertainment Ideas

Bat Mitzvah celebration is a traditional Jewish for age ceremony. It is observed at 12 years for girls and 13 for boys. It is considered as the first step to enter into adulthood. By becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah, your child could join the community prayers called to be Mitzvot. This Jewish custom requires 10 people to present there, as your daughter requires calling the congregation by a readings from Torah and singing a prayer. (Bat Mitzvah is for girls and Bar Mitzvah is for boys).

You must want to make this milestone as the memorable one for your daughter. Your child is the center of attraction at the Bat/ Bar Mitzvah celebration. The family and friends with great food and incredible entertainment, make this celebration as unforgettable one.

Being a parent, you must be searching for the best Bat Mitzvah entertainment Ideas, tips & advices, so that you can make feel your child like a Star.

Common Bat Mitzvah Entertainment Ideas

Music is must to entertain the guests and infuse it into every aspect in your party. Make the music customize as your child prefers and take into consideration the guests preferences as well.

There are some other aspects that you consider including,

Grand Entrance: Pick the customized music and style for grand entrance.

You can also use dance floor give-aways, paper goods, gift baskets and personalized favors. It only needs to determine the budget range that you spend so that you can go ahead for choosing the most fitting Bat Mitzvah Entertainment Ideas.

Here are some Ideas that you can look upon for your child Bat Mitzvah

  • Acrobats
  • DJ Services
  • Celebrity Impersonators
  • Dancers on in-line Skates
  • Drumline
  • High-Flying Cheerleaders
  • Live Statues
  • Paparazzi
  • Rap Artists
  • Sideshow Acts
  • Tattoo Artists
  • Live Band Karaoke

Factors to Consider

Every Bat Mitzvah celebration cannot use the same entertainment. There are some key aspects that you should consider to make it big.


It needs to think whether you and your daughter feel comfortable with the huge crowd at your event. For a family, a big event gives them fun and entertainment however, others fell it stressful. You need to consider whether you like to invite friends and family, school friends or your parents also like to invite their friends also.


Party decoration aspect cannot be undermined as it is the event for your child. Choose celebration theme and decoration colors that complement to each other. You need to ask questions such as, would you want to use color scheme or any specific theme for the celebration? Going for fun or elegant look?

Balloons, flowers and geometric shapes are some of the exciting options for décor purpose.


Infusing a ceremonial component is quite imperative to your party.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

It is an important point to consider that how many people you want to honor. In case of Bat Mitzvah, people mostly pick 12. You can include grandparents, uncles or aunts in the celebration.

If not, you can invite your rabbi, teachers or others. Write some personal and specific lines for each honoree. You may use the decorative candles in the ceremony. It would be more congruent to use candles fitting to the theme that you are using.


Gifting mementos to your guests can keep your celebration alive even after they leave the party. You can print the personalized grace or ‘’Thank You’ to join the celebration.

Gifting the Eshet Chayil wall hanging is the nice option to keep memories alive for months ahead. This wall hanging is provided with the personalized name and date of the celebration.