5 best celebrity inspired hair color ideas

Willingly changing the hair color is more like a job requirement for the celebrities than a personal choice. Sometime these celebrities make the hair color look so good; that it leaves the common ladies with the desire to copy their favorite celebrity’s hair color to make their hair game strong. Whether you are looking for a new hair color or just want to breathe life into your existing hair color, here are rounded some of the best hair color and highlights ideas of the year inspired by the hair color of your favorite celebrities.

Prettiest hair color trends

  1. Buttery Blonde hair: You have probably seen celebrities like Blake Lively and Emma stone rock this super smooth hair color that makes the hair look like ribbons of melting butter. To get this hair color done, ask your colorist to color your hair with a golden blonde base and then place bright baby blonde highlights along the hairline and finally complete the look with the coating of clear gloss.
  2. The Dark brown: Kim Kardashian is the celebrity who can be given the credit for making the naturally dark brown hair popular among the common people. To achieve this rich hair color like Kim tell your colorist to enhance your hair with espresso brown base woven with highlights that is only one shade lighter than the dark base.
  3. Swirled Blonde: This celebrity highlight look is pretty easy to achieve. To copy this Rita Ora inspired hair color you need to mix dozens of platinum, bronze and copper highlights together on a dark base like brown, black or grey.
  4. Auburn tips: The auburn tips highlight is a bit different from the usual root to tips highlights. Selena Gomez was spotted rocking the Auburn tip highlights at Met gala where her dark lob gradually faded auburn as it came downwards to the tips.
  5. The Sombré: The sombré is one of the most appealing and the most difficult hair coloring idea one could ever think about. For those who don’t know the somber is a hair coloring trend which is similar to the ombré but it have softer tones. A lot of celebrities can be spotted rocking the sombré hair, but if you really wish to try this hair coloring trend it is advised that you visit a hair color salon and let the specialist color your hair with perfection.

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