Have Manageable Hair the Natural Way

Sure, you always wanted to look all prepped up with a little extra effort every time you go out to shop with your girls or head out on a date with your significant other. But what’s taking most of your time is your stubborn hair. In order to keep it manageable is by visiting your top rated hair stylist just to achieve that hair behavior that will do its thing and just keep your gorgeous. But salon treatment can only last for a few months and then your hair problems will be back again. You cannot just rely on salons to keep your hair tidy up for you all the time. Sometimes you have to apply a little effort and some solutions to get your hair manageable are just inside your house.

Your Hair Solutions Are Just Around You

Although you have the means to indulge in expensive hair products that say will give you the benefits of a ‘salon-like’ hair, natural is still the best and they are just around your house. DIYing your own hair treatments is not something that makes you incapable of purchasing items, but it teaches you to be more practical and creative because they are safe and is good for you.

By just scavenging in your kitchen and probably in your closet too, you can already find ingredients and stuff that can help you get a manageable hair without using pricey hair care solutions.

Try These Tips and Be Surprised

You will never know how amazing some fruits and food spices can do for your hair until you try them for yourself. Here are some natural goods that can be your alternative to achieve a gorgeous looking mane.

Avocado for Shine.

  • Loaded with vitamins, minerals and tons of healthy fatty acids, the avocado fruit can actually restore your hairs natural shine. Mash one avocado (ripe) and mix one egg until it forms a mask. Apply it on wet hair and leave it for about 20 mins then rinse well. If you think you have damaged hair, you can apply this mask once a week. But for healthy hair, treat it as a monthly maintenance to keep your do naturally glowing.

Vinegar as Conditioner.

  • You can create your own conditioner with a vinegar or an Apple Cider Vinegar, olive oils and egg whites. Mix them all and apply the treatment to your hair. Cover your hair for 30 mins with a shower cap or plastic wrap. Rinse your hair well after with a shampoo.

Essential oils for Damage ends.

  • Natural oils can do wonders for your skin and so does to your hair too. With just a few drops of jojoba oil or olive oil, you can already treat brittle and flyaway hair by just rubbing it gently to your hair. You will soon notice that your hair has its natural shine again with added volume.

B vitamin hairspray for Damage Protection.

  • If you can’t bail out of hair products, choose a hairspray that has B vitamin panthenol. It will protect your hair from being damaged after styling or from dust and pollution.

Coconut Oil for Thick Hair.

  • Coconut oil is known to be one of the ageless hair care treatment ever discovered. It has been used as a hair treatment since the ancient times. Perfect for thicker hair, apply the oil to your mane and cover it with either a shower cap or a warm towel for about 30 mins. Shampoo and rinse well. With regular use, you will notice that your hair will get its natural bounce and shine.

Some Bathroom Tips to Protect Your Hair

To Avoid Split Ends: after washing your hair, cover or wrap your hair with a towel and let it absorb the excess water naturally. DO NOT rub your hair until it dries if you do not want to have split ends.

Save Your Hair From Damage: your hair is more prone to damage while it’s still wet. So if you have an engagement to attend, go get dressed and wear your make up on. This will save your hair from any possible damage.

Dryer Control: If you think that you should regularly dry your hair until it completely dries, darling, you are damaging your hair more. If you can’t help to use your hair dryer, just let the moisture or excess water dry and then stop. Let your hair dry naturally because if it’s healthy, it will fall perfectly into place.

The hair is one of the most sensitive strands your body has, therefore it requires extra care and protection. Not that it’s bad for you to make a visit to the hair salons Potomac for treatment, but as much as possible, make your own hair treatment and solutions using natural ingredients that you have at home. Keep it natural and organic as possible if you wanted to wear those locks longer and have it more manageable.

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