Planning For A Children’s Party 101

Guess one of the most celebrated and being looked-forward-to event is a children’s party. Parents would prepare way too advance just to get everything settled before the big day comes. This is also where you scout almost all party rentals before making any final decision. It takes a lot of haggling, negotiation, interview, and ocular visits as well as last minute detailing. The truth is, you – the parent – is most excited one here more than your kid. But before you slave yourself in the preparation process further there are a lot of points that you have to consider first in organizing your children’s party.

Here’s a checklist that will save you so much time and effort in getting everything done for your much-awaited kiddie party.

Your Outline To A Successful Child’s Party

Timeline: 1 to 3 Months Before the party date

  • Ask your child what kind of party he/she wanted – Let your child choose a theme or have them describe to you their ideal party and other choices.
  • Make a guest list – Does your child wanted to invite all of his classmates or just his friends in your village? The number of guests will depend on the type of party you will be hosting.
  • Make a list of all the possible entertainment that you can think of – Do you want to have magicians or clowns? Ask them if they are free on the day of the event. Ask people who have already invited the entertainers that you are inquiring about. Also, ask what kind of setup do they need for their act.

Timeline: 4 weeks before the party date.

  • Before you finalize the date, check again with your important guests if they are sure to make it on that date – You don’t want your kid to be sad finding out that his best friend or cousin is out of town.
  • Start flying out invitations – it’s best if your invitation is synced with the theme of the party. Indicate the details like if parents should stay or not, the start and end time, and the RSVP date.
  • Create a party checklist of activities – indicate the time for games, snacks, and entertainment. If you wanted to include the opening of presents in your program, it’s best to have it in the latter part of the party.
  • List down your possible suppliers – music, chairs and tables, catering, and game essentials
  • Prepare party bags or loot bags based on the party theme.

Timeline: 3 weeks before

  • Decide on your menu – you can either cook it yourself or have a catering company cover your menu bases. But just keep the menu simple for kids to enjoy.
  • List down the possible help that you might need – Do you need a master of ceremonies? Who’s going to handle the games? Is it necessary for a babysitter? How about the cleaners? Help is needed to free some weight off your shoulders sometimes.

It’s Crunch Time!

Timeline: A Week Before

  • Do a general house cleaning – regardless whether the event will be held in your backyard, having the inside and outside of your house cleaned is an impression to your guests.
  • Make a follow up of your RSVP’s for the final guest count.
  • Have the cake ordered and ready.
  • Purchase the balloons and other decorations necessary.
  • Double check all your supplies to make sure you are not missing anything.

Timeline: 3 Days Before

  • Do a final check around the house and backyard to ensure the safety of your kiddie guests.
  • Check up your gadgets and cameras for capturing on the big day.
  • Start packing your goody-giveaway bags.

Timeline: The Day Before the Big Day

  • Time to tidy up the party area, the furniture, and DECORATIONS!
  • Check up with your suppliers for any final details.

There you go, folks! A checklist of what you need to do step-by-step to properly execute a well organized children’s party your kid and his friends will definitely remember for the rest of his life. Your party tent rentals Northern VA supplier will definitely play a big role in making your plans possible. Just always choose the best suppliers and you will never be sorry. What’s important is that you have made your child experience that dreams do come true. Because your greatest reward as a parent is the genuine happiness of your children. Definitely Priceless.

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