Bat Mitzvah Entertainment Ideas

Bat Mitzvah celebration is a traditional Jewish for age ceremony. It is observed at 12 years for girls and 13 for boys. It is considered as the first step to enter into adulthood. By becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah, your child could join the community prayers called to be Mitzvot. This Jewish custom requires 10 people to present there, as your daughter requires calling the congregation by a readings from Torah and singing a prayer. (Bat Mitzvah is for girls and Bar Mitzvah is for boys).

You must want to make this milestone as the memorable one for your daughter. Your child is the center of attraction at the Bat/ Bar Mitzvah celebration. The family and friends with great food and incredible entertainment, make this celebration as unforgettable one.

Being a parent, you must be searching for the best Bat Mitzvah entertainment Ideas, tips & advices, so that you can make feel your child like a Star.

Common Bat Mitzvah Entertainment Ideas

Music is must to entertain the guests and infuse it into every aspect in your party. Make the music customize as your child prefers and take into consideration the guests preferences as well.

There are some other aspects that you consider including,

Grand Entrance: Pick the customized music and style for grand entrance.

You can also use dance floor give-aways, paper goods, gift baskets and personalized favors. It only needs to determine the budget range that you spend so that you can go ahead for choosing the most fitting Bat Mitzvah Entertainment Ideas.

Here are some Ideas that you can look upon for your child Bat Mitzvah

  • Acrobats
  • DJ Services
  • Celebrity Impersonators
  • Dancers on in-line Skates
  • Drumline
  • High-Flying Cheerleaders
  • Live Statues
  • Paparazzi
  • Rap Artists
  • Sideshow Acts
  • Tattoo Artists
  • Live Band Karaoke

Factors to Consider

Every Bat Mitzvah celebration cannot use the same entertainment. There are some key aspects that you should consider to make it big.


It needs to think whether you and your daughter feel comfortable with the huge crowd at your event. For a family, a big event gives them fun and entertainment however, others fell it stressful. You need to consider whether you like to invite friends and family, school friends or your parents also like to invite their friends also.


Party decoration aspect cannot be undermined as it is the event for your child. Choose celebration theme and decoration colors that complement to each other. You need to ask questions such as, would you want to use color scheme or any specific theme for the celebration? Going for fun or elegant look?

Balloons, flowers and geometric shapes are some of the exciting options for décor purpose.


Infusing a ceremonial component is quite imperative to your party.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

It is an important point to consider that how many people you want to honor. In case of Bat Mitzvah, people mostly pick 12. You can include grandparents, uncles or aunts in the celebration.

If not, you can invite your rabbi, teachers or others. Write some personal and specific lines for each honoree. You may use the decorative candles in the ceremony. It would be more congruent to use candles fitting to the theme that you are using.


Gifting mementos to your guests can keep your celebration alive even after they leave the party. You can print the personalized grace or ‘’Thank You’ to join the celebration.

Gifting the Eshet Chayil wall hanging is the nice option to keep memories alive for months ahead. This wall hanging is provided with the personalized name and date of the celebration.

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