6 AC Thermostat Mistakes To Avoid

Programmable thermostats tend to be a blessing. It gives you great power over your electricity bills. However, sometimes people tend to make some mistakes that cause them to end up with huge electricity bills. Therefore, let’s take a look at some AC thermostat mistakes to avoid high power bills and costly air conditioner repair services.

Setting The Wrong Temperature

The thing with AC thermostats is that you need to be wise and smart while using them to adjust the temperature of your Air conditioner. During the winters, if you tend to set the wrong temperature, it will make the inside of your house too stuffy. As a result, it will become uncomfortable for you to live in. Moreover, you will be significantly adding to the electricity bills as well. Most people tend to set the temperature too low during winters that lead to additional electricity costs. Therefore, the experts recommend that the temperature be set at 64-70 degrees to achieve optimum comfort and cost-efficiency.

Changing The Temperature Quickly

Another popular mistake people tend to make is that they adjust the temperature too drastically while leaving the house or arriving. For instance, if it is too cold outside, the homeowner will drastically adjust the temperature to being too low. This is the opposite case when the temperature outside is hot. The thing with programmable AC thermostats is that they are designed to be efficient. The efficiency is achieved when the temperature is regulated instead of adjusting it drastically. If you keep the temperature adjusted at a certain level, the AC will perform relatively better.

Turning It Off Completely Instead Of Using The Setback Feature

Just like changing the temperature too quickly can impact the efficiency of the air conditioner, turning it off completely instead of using the setback features does result in the same as well. Experts suggest that turning the heat or air completely off will result in huge electricity bills as well. Programmable thermostats feature what is called the setback feature that allows the user to adjust the time at which the air conditioner will automatically turn on. It will depend on the temperature that’s right for you, but for a general idea, anything between 10-16 degrees from your normal temperature is good.

Keeping The Setting Too Low Or Too High

Although this mistake is not that popular as compared to the rest mentioned above, it is fairly popular. Turning the air conditioner on or off requires some energy. At the same time, if you keep running the HVAC constantly at a too low or high setting, it puts immense stress on the unit, leading to huge cooling costs. More importantly, it will also impact the life of your unit and it can be expected to break down much sooner than its actual lifespan. Therefore, it is always recommended to run the HVAC at a normal temperature. If required, you can adjust the temperature to either being too low or high but do not keep it running for long.

Not Wearing Proper Clothes

This one might seem obvious but the fact that people tend to ignore this factor makes it necessary for us to mention it. Sometimes people feel too cold or hot because they are not wearing the proper clothes. Instead, they will keep adjusting the temperature that will add to their costs. During the winters, you should make sure that you are covered from top to bottom, and during the summers, you should not be packing anything that causes you to sweat. Wear breathable fabrics and drink plenty of water. It is sometimes as simple as that. That way, you are going to cut down on your electricity costs significantly.

Purchasing The Wrong Model

Purchasing the wrong model leads to incompatibility. You might think that the air conditioner is working fine but in reality, it will be eating too much energy. Therefore, make sure that you purchase the right AC model and get an expert to install it.

Final Word

This blog aimed to help you avoid common AC thermostat mistakes. Considering the tips mentioned above, you are sure to save up on some monthly bills that otherwise cost you your entire budget. Moreover, make sure to frequently use an HVAC repair service Stony Brook for inspection and repairs.

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