How Tower Cranes Build Themselves

Tower cranes are the type of cranes which are used to build large buildings and skyscrapers. These cranes are basically built on a large slab of concrete which is held with the ground by using bolts. For larger cranes, crane services or construction staff add supports to the side of the buildings to make the base sturdy. This is how tower cranes are used in the construction of skyscrapers.

These cranes can climb either externally or internally in the building in order to go to its top. When the crane is climbed on the top of a building this way, the constructed part of the building bears the whole weight of the crane. By not needing a mast, the overall costs of setting up the crane can be reduced.

The process of constructing a crane is the same, which is first building a base on which the whole crane can be erected later on. However, the cranes these days must have a climbing section which will be used later on to assemble all the parts together. The crane must also be connected to the structural system of the building for added Support. The structural system of the building provides the necessary stability to the crane.

Parts Of A Tower Crane

There are lots of different types of tower cranes available in the market. However, they usually have some parts in common. Here are some of the parts used in tower cranes.

  • Steel trusses are used to make mast, which is the main tower of the tower crane.
  • Slew is used to make the crane rotate about its central axis. This is also common in every tower crane.

How Are These Cranes Constructed?

Skewing unit of the crane is located on the top of the crane, which allows the crane to rotate around its axis. A motor and gear is used to do this. You will be surprised to know that these tower cranes build themselves up step by step. The crane uses its hoisting power to do so.

The Assembly Process

In order to construct a tower crane, a construction crew uses a small crane to first assemble the initial parts of the crane. The tower of the crane then uses its own power to build itself up step by step. The crane needs to use a climbing frame to build itself up. This is how the assembly process of the tower crane works.

  • In order to balance the counterweight, a weight is hung from the jib of the crane.
  • Workers then separate the slewing unit from the mast. The crane uses its hydraulic power to do this.
  • Frame opens up the section in order to help the crane start climbing up step by step.
  • Once the upper portion of the crane is lifted up, it is secured in place with the help of bolts.

Tower Crane Disassembly

In order to disassemble the tower crane effectively, one of the two available steps must be used. One method is external matter in which the upper part of the crane is moved forward. There is also a second method in which the elevator shaft is used.

This is how tower cranes are disassembled after they are done with their job in building a skyscraper. In addition to assembling themselves, these cranes can also disassemble on their own. Just the assembly process needs to be reversed in order to do so.

Tower Crane Rental

Construction companies usually do not have their own tower cranes, and they always rent tower cranes from other companies. These crane providing companies ship the cranes, and assemble them as well. They also disassemble the cranes after the project is finished. These crane companies usually charge a monthly fee when their crane is on rental.

The shipping, assembly, and disassembly of the crane is an expensive process, and can cost you as much as $60,000. Everything is included in these services, and these are done by trained professionals to avoid any accidents at the construction site. If you need to rent a tower crane from a crane rental VA, the monthly rent of these cranes also starts from $15,000, with the extra costs associated with things like extra masts and climbing frames. This is how cranes are used on construction sites.

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