How To Braid Hair With Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the best way to make your frail and thin hair look healthy, shiny and longer. There are a lot of styles you can do with hair extensions. Braids are a very common hairstyle a lot of women go for and you can even get from hair extensions salon on. Keep on reading to find out how.

Find The Right Color

You can’t braid your hair and make it unnoticeable if you don’t use the right color of your extensions. The main goal here is to make sure that the extensions are well hidden and the seams are not showing. The first and most important thing to do is to find the hair extensions in your color. You can’t take this step lightly because this will be the foundation of your braided hair and you want the seams to be almost invisible to other people. This is why selecting the right color is super important, so that your hair looks like one even unit and there are no weird color transitions in your final look, with the extensions on.

Try to go for a close color range so that it matches the rest of your natural hair. This will make the rest of the braiding process super easy and you won’t have to worry too much about the extensions standing out against your natural hair, because it won’t if you choose the right colored extensions.

Section The Extensions Like A Pro

The next most important part is to make sure that you make the sections in such a way that it remains hidden under your natural hair. The best way to start with sectioning your hair is to start at the crown of your head, then moving towards each ear and then just above the nape of your neck. This will blend in your extensions beautifully and no one will even get a peep at your hidden extensions. It is that simple. Just take your time when sectioning off your hair and putting on the extensions and if you want, ask for a helping hand.

Sections Of The Right Thickness

For boxed braids, it’s very important that you choose the sections you want to braid very carefully. You don’t want too thick of a section to work with, because this will make your braid look uneven and chunky. You want the braid to be intricate and thin. So, choose very thin sections to work with and start braiding your hair along with the extensions. This will make your final hair look more polished and clean and the best part is that your extensions will remain very nicely hidden too.

Criss Cross Braids

The most easiest and common method for braiding hair is with a criss cross pattern. To do this, you need to take a thin section of hair and divide it into three parts. Then taking one section at a time, criss cross it along the other sections until you reach the end. Then repeat this process until you reach the tip of your hair. Make sure to keep the braid nice and tight. This will not make your braid look chunky and weird. You want the braid to stay flat on your hair and this will be achieved by tightly braiding the hair as you go.

Make Sure The Extensions Are Hidden

If you are worried about the extensions peeking out of your hair when braiding, then here is one thing you can do. When you are braiding your hair along with your hair extensions, make sure to keep the braid as close to the surface of the scalp as possible. This will ensure that the braid will keep the extensions and their seams hidden from other people and the braid will also lay flat on your head. This will keep your extensions hidden under the hair and you won’t have to worry about the seams.


There you have it! Now you can easily braid your hair with hair extensions and it will look effortless, seamless and no one will ever know that you are wearing extensions in your hair. For best results, go to salons that do hair extensions Rockville.

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