How To Increase Online Reviews For Your Spa And Salon

For spas and salons, and like many other such businesses that rely on public relations, customer reviews can make or break your business. For this reason, many employ systems like review management software. If you are in search of ways to convince customers to review your service, here are some tips for you.

Get Your Spa Or Salon Listed On Online Business Directories

This is one of the best ways to get your name out there. When people see you listed among all the rest of the salons and spas in the area, all of which have reviews, they will be more compelled to leave a review about their own experience on your own page too.

Manage Online Salon Reviews And Have A Proper Strategy

A lot of businesses wrongly believe that there is nothing they can do about their lack of reviews, or negative reviews online. The fact is that there is a lot that you can do to convince customers to take a few minutes and offer some feedback, or follow up with those who were unsatisfied. What you need to do is have a proper strategy and follow up one review at a time.

Offer Discounts To Customers Who Go Out Of Their Way

Many people will not take the time out to specifically log on to your website just for the sake of leaving a good review. The only time they will do it is if they aren’t satisfied and want to let people know. But there is one way you can attract positive reviews as well, and that is to offer some sort of discount when a customer is leaving happy for their next visit, provided they leave a review on your site.

Let Customers Know How Much You Value Their Patronage

Offering monetary benefit is not the only way to get online reviews for your salon website. Just letting customers know that you had such a good time with them and are looking forward to their next visit will also motivate them to return the favor by letting others know of their positive experience.

Form Partnerships With Other Businesses Where Customers Go

As a salon there are a lot of brands and businesses that you can partner with which will bring in more customers who will want to test your service and then leave a review about how it all went.

Make Use Of Social Media To Keep Customers Updated

The key to getting reviews from customers is to make sure that you stay on their mind, and that is where social media updates come in. By asking them to leave a review on your website at the end of each post, along with a direct link to the review page to make it easier for them, customers will be more likely to comply.

Create An Email Newsletter To Raise Awareness About Reviews

You can have a customer fill a form when they make an appointment and ask for their email in it. Once they are done with their session or treatment, email them using automated software asking how their experience with you was, as well as news about other company deals and promotions. This will let them know how much you value their connection.

Engage Your Followers With Expert Blogs And DIY Tutorials

The key to building a better relationship with your customer base is to always be helpful, and not just when they visit your spa or salon. One of the best ways of doing this is to offer them free tips and tutorials about how they can pamper themselves.

A lot of the times, when customers are looking for recreational and sometimes even luxurious offerings such as spa or salon services, the first thing that they do is to check out the reviews, as common belief is that reviews are the de facto way of getting to understand what the actual experience will be like, without actually having to fork out money to get one. This is why if your website or social media is devoid of reviews, you can basically bid any business goodbye. The above tips will hopefully put you in equal standing with the very best. That’s why you need good review generation software. Good luck!


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