8 Common AC Condenser Problems

Among all the separate parts that together form the HVAC system in your home is the condenser, and any issues emanating in this crucial equipment will be felt, for which you would need AC repair services. Here are some common AC condenser problems to watch out for.

Problem No. 1 – Issues With The Fan Not Performing As Per Specification

The condenser fan is extremely important to allow the heat from inside the room to be carried out and dissipate into the surroundings. The process is repeated multiple times until the inside temperature has dropped to the level set on the thermostat. If, for some reason, your condenser fan stops working, or does not work to its ideal capacity, the heat dissipation process will take much longer.

Problem No. 2 – The Coils On Your Condenser Are Excessively Dirty

Excessive dust accumulation on the coils can form an insulating layer on top which will prevent efficient heat dissipation. The solution is to service your AC regularly.

Problem No. 3 – Your Condenser Is Subjected To Leaks Or Refrigerant Drain

A leak in an air conditioning unit, not just in the condenser but anywhere, can be detrimental to its cooling performance, and you will almost immediately realize when that is the case. Just topping up the refrigerant will not really work in this case, and you may have to call in an expert to diagnose the root cause of the leak.

Problem No. 4 – Your AC Is Blowing Hot Air Instead Of Cool Into The Room

The reason this happens is because the condenser is failing to do its job of dissipating the heat from inside a closed space where the air conditioner is installed, to outside via the AC condenser coils. In order to pinpoint what exactly it is that is causing this, a call to an expert is your best course of action.

Problem No. 5 – You Hear Weird Noises Emanating From Your AC Unit

This usually happens as a result of low refrigerant level inside the condenser tubes. Due to the lack of pressure in the system, the refrigerant flows back to the compressor, making strange whirring noises. If you hear any other kind of noise, that too is a problem and you must call an expert as soon as possible.

Problem No. 6 – You Can Smell Refrigerant While The AC Is Under Load

The refrigerant inside your AC has a very distinct smell, and because it is trapped inside tubes all the time, any smell coming from your air conditioning until while it is operating means that that it has been exposed, either due to a leak in the condenser tubing itself or somewhere else in the system. In either case, your first course of action should be to seek an AC inspection to diagnose the root of the problem.

Problem No. 7 – An Electrical Fault Is Hindering Condenser Operation

There is a capacitor installed inside of your air conditioning unit, responsible for allowing the condenser to do its job. Like all electrical components, it too comes with a rated lifespan, after which it needs to be replaced. If you haven’t done so ever since you bought the system, the reason it is not performing on par with when it was brand new may be due to an old capacitor.

Problem No. 8 – The Coils Of The Condenser Are Damaged Or Corroded

The condenser coils are what are responsible for heat dissipation from inside the room to the outside, so you can imagine that an air conditioning unit with damaged coils won’t be the best at doing what it is supposed to do.

Remember that every issue in your HVAC system, in particular condenser problems will be accompanied by several signs and symptoms, and it is on you to look out for these using the knowledge you have just obtained from reading the above blog, and diagnose the root cause so that they can be fixed in time.

The last thing that you want is your air conditioner not working during the sweltering months of summer when the temperature outside hits peak value. The purpose of your home’s HVAC system is to make the temperature inside your home more comfortable and pleasant no matter the weather outside, and if it is not able to do that, then your hefty investment becomes redundant. So, whenever a problem with your HVAC arises, go to air conditioning companies Vienna without any delay for timely repairs.

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