Is Milk Good For Hair Straightening

The quickest way to straighten your hair is a permanent or semi-permanent hair straightening treatment from a keratin treatments salon. But in case you want to try home remedies and natural ingredients for straightening your hair, you will wonder if you can use milk for hair straightening.

Why Use Milk For Hair Straightening?

Milk has casein and whey protein which make the hair smooth and straight. Find out below why you should use it for having straight hair.

It Untangles Hair

One of the difficult things about keeping long hair is keeping it from tangling. Combing regularly can tangle but it does not much help. Milk has biotin as it works as a leave-in conditioner for your hair. So, it nourishes dry and damaged hair, making it look and feel straight along the way.

Milk Strengthens Hair

Whey protein in milk is a good way to build muscle mass, but fewer people know that it strengthens hair follicles as well if you apply it to hair. Using milk does the trick for you but if your hair is severely damaged, try using a whey protein paste made of whey, honey, egg yolk, and water to get strong and shiny hair.

It Reduces Frizz

Washing your hair with milk reduces frizz to a good extent. The different components in milk, smoothen hair cuticles and moisturize the strands to give soft and smooth hair, eliminating frizz.

As milk is a natural moisturizer, it’s a natural replacement for a conditioner. To moisturize hair using milk, clean your hair with a shampoo and then dry it with a towel. Don’t use a blow dryer. Put milk in a spray bottle and spray milk on your hair sufficiently. Leave it for 30 minutes. Now, clean your hair with water similar to how you rinse hair after applying shampoo or conditioner.

It Cleanses Your Hair

Cleaning hair with shampoo is a common practice but do you know about a better hair cleaner? Milk can be used as a scrub to cleanse the scalp and remove dead skin cells, dust, and anything foreign. With a clean scalp, it becomes easier for hair to maintain the oil balance of the hair to keep hair healthy.

Keratin For Hair

Keratin is a protein that helps in hair growth and keeps hair smooth. To make keratin in the body, you need calcium. And as you may already know, milk is an excellent source of calcium. To get protein for your hair, you don’t need to apply it. Make it a habit to drink milk every day so your body gets the needed calcium for making keratin.

How To Use Milk To Get Straight Hair?

Get Milk Or Make A Milk Mixture

You can use any type of milk, but for better results, opt for thicker milk. Powdered milk is also permissible. To make it better add more items like strawberries, bananas, or honey. Make sure to shape the mixture well before putting it in a spray bottle. Then, keep the bottle in the fridge and use it after an hour.

Damp Hair

You can put milk on dry hair as well but damp hair is the best for this natural treatment. Moreover, make sure your hair is clean. Simply rinse your hair with a shampoo and towel dry your hair to begin.

Apply It On Your Hair

Spray the mixture on your hair from the tip to the root. Make sure that every strand is filled with the mixture because failing to do so will make so part of your hair smooth and the other parts would still be dry and rough.

Comb Your Hair

Detangling hair is important after applying the mixture. Use a wide-toothed comb to clear away tangles. This will help you avoid frizz better.

Let It Settle

After combing, all you need to do is wait for 30 minutes. The milk should get to each and every strand of your hair, so it will take some time.

Rinse Your Hair

Now, rinse your hair with a mild shampoo. If you can sense the milk smell, clean your hair twice with a shampoo.


This method of hair straightening yields the best results for wavy hair, but won’t be effective for curly hair. To get straight hair for any hair type, consider keratin treatment by hairstylist.

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