Simple tips for planning and designing a swimming pool

If you go to decent pool builders, they will be able to design and plan any type of swimming pool for you. However, it is also important for you to do some research on your own as a homeowner. This way, you will be able to make good decisions when it comes to choosing a swimming a swimming pool for your house.

There are a number of things that you can do to start out. These include:

  • Talk to the pool builders
  • See reviews
  • Interview the builders
  • Check their designs
  • Talk about the budget
  • Finalize the materials

The best pool building and design tips

The above-mentioned things should give you a general idea about how to start with it. However, now we would like to get into more detail of pool building and designing.

Maximum space

Space is an important element when it comes to designing a swimming pool. Basically, pool design is a part of the building trends. Nowadays, bigger homes are springing up in smaller blocks.

Hence, it means that the area available for swimming pools is getting too compressed. Yet, people still want a pool in their house. However, it is not as difficult.

Nowadays, the technology related to pools has been improved a lot. And this means that it is possible to compress the swimming pools into a smaller area. Something that was not possible to achieve lets say, just 50 years ago or less.

Hence, it means that we have come a long way from the 70s, 80s, and even the 90 era.

As a result of this, a big number of pools are designed with the concept of maximum space in mind. Essentially, you should be making sure that:

  • The backyard area is not cut back due to the pool
  • The pool is built against the boundary of the property in the case of smaller blocks
  • Full perimeter is not required for the pool’s access
  • The pool should be built in an area that is visible from the other areas of the house

Selection of material and aesthetics

Perhaps the best approach is to select a balance of soft and hard finishes. For instance, you could use a cladding on the walls which will add the texture to the pool’s smooth rendering. At the same time, your backyard should not be looking like stone tomb.

Nowadays, composite laminate tiles are a very popular choice for pools.

Furthermore, minimalist design is trending. Hence, you should always get a pool that gives of a minimalist vibe. This type of aesthetics is bound to remain for decades to come. In fact, minimalism is only going to become more common in the coming 10 years.

So, it is a great idea to get a minimalist designed pool today

Furthermore, as far as the color combination is concerned, it is good to use a dark colored paving with a light-coloured interior of the pool. This is especially beneficial if you do not have enough natural light falling on your pool.

However, if you do have natural light falling on the pool then you may get a dark interior and get away with that nicely. Otherwise, do not consider that at all.


Lastly, remember that it is your swimming pool. So, in a way, if you are paying for it, you should technically be allowed to break these rules. Sometimes, even the most unconventionally designed swimming pools turn out to be great in looks. So, be free with it.

But we do suggest you talk with decent pool contractors Long Island before taking any decision. This will help you in the long-run as it will give you better perspectives to think about.

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