What Are The Types Of Knee Surgeries

If you are one of these people who have suffered from possible knee injuries, you would know that not only is the condition excruciatingly painful, it is also associated with slow recovery and only a handful of experienced orthopedic doctors for knee pain can actually guarantee a good surgical outcome.

For the common man, these fancy medical terminologies may sound fancy, but here we have put together a list of knee surgeries exclusive to the condition you might be suffering from.

Let’s begin!

Knee Joint

In simpler terms, the knee joint is by far the largest joint of your body. It is formed together by the thigh bone (femur) coming along with two leg bones (tibia and fibula), joined together at the knee by the Patella (knee cap).

It is the largest weight bearing joint of our bodies making it susceptible to a wide variety of injuries.

Types Of Knee Surgeries

If you have suffered from a possible knee surgery, and conservative management has proved futile in your case, you may have to undergo one of the following surgical interventions depending on the injury and the type of knee involvement.


A meniscectomy is the medical terminology for the surgery that removes a part of the meniscus. The menisci are paired cartilages that are found within the knee joint. They serve as shock absorbers situated between the bones to provide support and cushioning effects. A meniscectomy is the ideal surgery to help alleviate symptoms of a torn meniscus, in which tears of menisci float into the joint cavity causing pain and irritation.

Meniscus Repair

A meniscal repair is a surgery that is done to restore the normal anatomy of a meniscus. A meniscus repair can help restore the normalcy of the joint and carries a better prognosis. In a few instances, this surgery might not be able to provide significant outcomes as recovery is slow and complete repair is not possible due to limited blood supply.

Lateral Release

Normally, the knee cap moves up and down in a groove in the thigh bone. In the event of an injury, the knee cap could be dislocated or cause pain when bending the knee. For such cases a lateral release is advised which involves removing parts of the cartilage that pull the knee cap outside of the groove. It is commonly used in people who suffer from vague knee pain, though careful patient selection is advised.

ACL Reconstruction

The anterior cruciate ligament is the most important ligament of the knee joint, and it is crucial to the overall functioning of the joint. Most people with ACL injuries complain of their knees giving out on them. Many patients with ACL injuries need surgical fixation to help restore the normal integrity of the joint.

Patellar Tendon Repair

The patellar and quadriceps tendon is located on the front side of the knee joint. This tendon is responsible for straightening the knee, and injuries can result in loss of leg extension and inability to walk normally. Usually a tendon repair almost always requires a surgical repair that leads to complete recovery.

Plica Excision

A plica is a small fragment of the fetal tissue that is found within the joint cavity. In embryonic life, your knee was divided in compartments by certain divider tissues, which regress after birth. In some individuals the tissue remains that hinders with walking and causes mild pain. In such cases, the plica syndrome arises. Treatment involves excision of the tissue to avoid irritation of other local tissues.

Knee Replacement Surgery

A knee replacement surgery is known as the last resort to improve leg functions in degenerative osteoarthritis and fulminant rheumatoid arthritis. In this surgery, the bone and cartilage of the thigh bone (femur) and shin bone (tibia) is removed. The procedure is performed precisely with certain instruments that mold the knee joint in order for the transplant to fit in. a metal or plastic implant is then fitted to work as the new knee joint. Depending on the condition of the knee, the knee cap may have to be replaced as well. Knee replacement surgeries carry a success rate of 90% with patients returning to normalcy for longer periods of time.

There you have it folks! A comprehensive list of some of the most common knee surgeries. If you’re experiencing knee pain, the first thing you should is see a knee specialist.

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