10 Foods That Are Good For Bones And Joints

Our immune system is getting really weaker with passing time and orthopedic doctors are putting so much focus on consuming healthy food to prevent any long run expected diseases. Let’s have a quick look at list of few foods which are really good for your bones and joints.

Best foods for bones and joints recommended by orthopedic doctors

  1. Spinach

It is a great source of calcium while you can get additional vitamin A, fibers and of course iron in this rich green vegetable. Take it either simply boiled or cook it with some spices at home, you will get all the benefits out of it. As orthopedic surgeons claim that junk food or processed food is replacing our healthier and natural foods so much making our bodies very less reactive to fight for our health so try to cook everything at home.

  1. Leafy Greens

Like spinach, there are many other leafy green vegetables which are rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin D of course and hence highly recommended by nutritionists to include them in our regular diet.

  1. Nuts

You will find them a great source of magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids which should must be included in our regular diet to have healthier foods. You can even add multiple nuts and crush them together to sprinkle them a bit over your snacks and take a spoonful every day. But keep it in mind that nuts are high in calories so make sure to not to consume them in higher amounts and two to three spoons every day are more than enough.

  1. Milk, Yogurt and Cheese

Of course, milk is the basic source of calcium and very important for our bones and joints. Orthopedic doctors especially suggest to add yogurt in our regular diet like use it as a sideline with lunch or you may even use it for cooking purpose. And taking two glasses of milk every day is obviously something that we are getting advised since childhood so no need to explain further. While cheese can be used frequently in our regular diet but make sure it is not that processed cheese which is quite harmful than being healthier. Also, consume it in a much smaller quantity rather than just being cheesy every time.

  1. Eggs

The yellow part of egg is highly nutritional and rich in vitamin D while very easy to cook as well. Egg must be included in your daily or alternate days’ breakfast to keep your bones and joints healthier and fitter.

  1. Bony fishes

Consume fishes which may be eaten with its bones and it is because the bones of fish contain a great amount of calcium. It fulfills almost one third need of our daily need of calcium and very healthy for our bodies. In fact, many orthopedic surgeons put much focus on consuming such fishes like sardines, salmon or pilchards which should be must include in our regular diet.

  1. Orange Juice

You often see the orange flavor in many calcium pills which are commercially available to boost your calcium levels. It is because orange juice is fortified to contain calcium and vitamin D in it and that is why you should must take it in breakfast sometimes instead of your morning coffees.

  1. Okra

The gel type substance in okra is a very good source of calcium and one of the green vegetables that is highly recommended by orthopedic doctors. Generally, found in Asian dishes but must be eaten by everyone as it has several other benefits as well along with high calcium benefit. Cook it as a curry or fry them with some spices to enjoy the delicious taste with getting healthier.

  1. Fortified Cereals

Eating bread made with fortified flour or taking fortified cereals like wheat grains or walnuts can be a great addition to your nutritional diet. You will get good enough amount of vitamin D which contributed greatly for the strength of our bones and joints.

  1. Soya Beans

Again, a very good source of calcium and might be taken as snacks which is much healthier than others. Orthopedic surgeons Woodbridge, VA recommend to add soya beans in our normal diet in such a way that you eat it at least once a week.

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