5 Invaluable Swimming Pool Tips For Summer Season

Summer is here which means the swimming pool builders are in business in maintaining and building the pool. Nothing beats a good pool day with barbecue going in the backyard. Here are a few swimming pool tips.

Use the Skimmer

Pool contractors are often seen asking to clean up the surface of the water using a skimmer. The dirt, leaves and debris set upon and inside the surface of the water and its important for you to clear them up using a skimmer. Not only that, but you also need to scrub and brush off the surface of the pool so that there is no fungus or algae building up. Skimming should be done daily or weekly but make sure you do it if you want a really clear pool. Brushing is not necessarily needed to be done. If you are doing it, then there is no harm but brush your pool at least twice a month to be safer.

Use the Electronic Robot Vacuum

If you don’t want to put in effort in skimming but want your pool clean by the time you decide to dive in then you can spend some bucks and buy a robot vacuum pool cleaner. You can buy that easily from stores and it will do all the work. Just put them in the pool and they will clean the floors and the walls of the pool and make it clean. Take full advantage of this technology and enjoy the clean pool. However, it is not guaranteed that the robot will clean all the corners and surface and it may leave some areas, so you need to check-in. Most of the work will be done by the vacuum and you need to just finish up cleaning the surface or the stairs or some stubborn algae or debris.

Building a Pool Fence

Better safe than sorry. Building a fence around the pool is important if you want your backyard and pool child-friendly. Kids can slip into the pool and can cause hazardous situations. To be kept safe from all this, ask your swimming pool builders to build a fence, not more than the height of five foot and a gate to enter to make your pool day safe and fun.

Check the Level of Chemicals

To maintain the pool, you need some chemicals to maintain the balance. The pool that hasn’t been balanced can cause skin and eye damage, makes your pool home for bacteria and other stuff. Buy the required chemicals and before pouring them in, use a pool water tester to determine how much you want to put a certain chemical in. Check the level of chemicals before you dive in. Here are some basic chemicals and its levels that a pool requires:

  • Cyanuric Acid: protects from sunlight. Ideal reading should be 30-50 on the water tester
  • Free chlorine: Protects from bacteria and other germs. Alternatives like bromine and baking soda can also be used
  • pH level: The acidity of the pool is essential to be maintained to be basic between 7.0 and 7.8 as this level will keep the pool and the equipment from eroding
  • Alkalinity: To maintain the pH and must be in between 60-120 depending on the amount of water
  • Calcium Hardness: Prevents plaster damage. It makes the water soft or hard so that the walls aren’t damaged. 220-350 is optimal but it depends on the sidings like lower amount for vinyl sidings etc.
Clean Your Pool Filter Regularly

Filters are installed in the pools to filter out the debris in the pool. Make sure you clean the filter out at least once a month to increase the performance of it. There are many types of filters you can install in your pool and all of them have different cleaning time. Keeping the filter clean throughout the summer is a way to maintain the pool. However, you must clean up the filter if there has been a storm the prior day because it may have brought extra debris into your pool.

These swimming pool tips will help you maintain your swimming pool during the summer and pool contractors may want you to know them for optimal performance. lagras

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