Who are some of the celebrities with allergy?

Although appearing in stunning fashion with glamorous skin tones and high on energy, Hollywood belles and beaus are not immune to allergy and often visit allergy doctors. Despite the glowing appearances, there are many celebrities who juggle with allergies. It is a problem which affects everyone to a certain extent. In the US, 50 million people are allergic to something or the other. It may be dander, food, grime, dust, fur and even perfumes. Allergies can lead to complications like runny nose and anaphylaxis, which is a life-threatening situation. Halle Berry, the actor who won Oscar Award for being a ‘Bond Girl’, suffers from allergy. Her shellfish allergy got developed in the later part of adulthood.

The famed individuals suffering from allergies

Scarlett Johansson allergy is the foremost name in the realm of allergy. She is allergic to grass pollen. Although known for the acting skills, beauty and tremendous charm, Scarlett is now also known for allergy. The great outdoors, lush greenery makes her succumb to allergy. The consequence of this is itchy skin, skin rashes, irritation and even eye swell. Serena Williams, the Wimbledon Star, is allergic to peanuts. Hence, she cannot boost her energy level prior to the tennis game. The high on calorie, peanuts, can no more be consumed by the star. The light-hearted actor known for playing emotional roles in movies, Drew Barrymore is known for being allergic to garlic. The story of Britney Spears being allergic to bee stings is pretty old and known. She can break out in the hives when the bees start stinging. Hence, most of her musical performances take place indoors.

Who are the celebrities having food allergies?

The number of people suffering from food allergies is rising daily. There are numerous celebrities being impacted by such allergies. Quite a few suffer from gluten allergy where celebrities fail to tolerate the gluten present in the wheat. Zooey Deschanel is allergic to dairy products and gluten. Similarly, Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Keith Olbermann are allergic to certain foods. All the mentioned celebrities are just a few stars among the millions suffering the allergies.

Allergies can range from mild allergies to disabling and chronic ones. If the patient is suffering from severe or acute allergy, visiting an allergy clinic is recommended. One can expect to get a holistic, comprehensive and a personalized kind of treatment for the allergic diseases. The clinic that adheres to the good allergy practices must be chosen. The scientifically proven diagnostic techniques may help a lot.

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