Which pop singer had concert in a tent?

Marriage parties’ events that everyone wishes to make special like as corporate tent events. There have been such marriage events that have taken place under the water, in the sky and many other situations. Now recently now the new trend is to get your marriage party or event arranged on a mountain or at a place away from the population.


Tents are arranged where the bride and the bridegroom and also other members and guests can stay. This is one of the best ways to make a wedding special and memorable not only for the married couple but also for the people who are a part of it.


The rising trend of such events


Such events have been arranged basically by a number of Hollywood celebrities by now. Some celebrities who have used this amazing idea to make their wedding day special are Guy Ritchie, Mila Kunis and many others. Of course this is an adventure moment for all whoever is a part of such wedding.


Mainly such an arrangement is done at a lush green area where chain of tents is arranged for each individual guest and other people. These tents are provided with the basic amenities so that the guests staying in these tents can feel comfortable.


Not only for wedding, but such arrangements are now made also for various other events such as a corporate party or even a concert show. There are also a number of pop singers as present who travel to different places and perform. This is also a rising trend that these pop singers perform a concert in such tents.


The adventurous concerts


Quite obvious when such concerts are arranged in tents, these are limited to certain amount of people. Mainly, it started when one of the celebrities arranged such a wedding and called a pop singer for a concert.


So, as these tent ideas are not limited till weddings and have been also used in other events such as get-togethers or parties, similarly pop singers are now arranging to have concert performances for a small group in such tent arrangements.


With the rise of such tent arrangement concepts, people providing such arrangements have also increased. There are many service providers or party planners who have this option for providing such arrangements at some adventurous spots. Thus, as the craze of such ideas is increasing, also the business of party tent rentals is similarly booming.

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