How to throw a perfect first birthday bash?

The first birthday of every child is always a big day, and if you are on the verge of celebrating your child’s first birthday, you must have already thought of a million ways to celebrate this day. It can be an overwhelming experience trying to decide the party theme, party rentals, party entertainment for the perfect birthday bash.

Perfect birthday bash planning tips

Invitations – Get invitations ready. Write your child’s name, party details, such as time, location, etc. You can also print a recent photo of your child and paste it on the invitation. You can write something like, ‘Look who is turning 1 today,’ above or below the photograph. Stick a birthday candle on the invitation. Always remember that your child has taken his/ her nap and is not grumpy during the bash. You don’t want the child to throw cakes at your guests!

Guests – You can feel obligated to invite everyone who has played an important role in your baby’s life. But, consider your child’s personality and how he/ she reacts to a large group. Try inviting close friends and relatives for the birthday bash.

Decorations – Keep it simple. Decide a theme and accordingly decorate the room. You can get a birthday banner. Number one can be cut from colored paper and hung around. You can decorate with lots of stuff animals. Toddlers like bright colors, and streamers. But, keep the balloons way out of the reach of the children. You can also keep a poster for guests to sign and write their best wishes.

Fun activities – Games and activities might not be that important for one-year olds, unless you have invited young children. You can hire a storyteller, go for finger painting, blow bubbles, give a picture book to each child and ask them to paint, play with clay or indulge in some arts and crafts. If planning to throw near the beach, get them to build something out of the sand, play beach ball or try some wagon rides.

The cake – Birthday party is never complete without a cake and, especially if it is the first birthday bash. If planning something healthy, go for carrot cakes, banana muffins minus the frosting or mini-cupcakes that can be easily eaten. You can order calorie-free ice-cream cake drizzled with chocolate syrup and garnished with berries. Shortcakes and sorbet can be a good alternative to traditional cakes. If looking for a smash cake, go for a miniature cake with white frosting. It is easier to clean.

Food – Besides the cake, you can go for cupcakes, ice cream, crackers or cookies, pretzels, jelly, sandwiches, and some food for the grownups too.

Keep your expectation low, wipes handy and camera ready to click the smile on your toddler when throwing the perfect first birthday bash with the party entertainers!

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