Everything you should know about eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are no less than holy grails for those women who like to do makeup. They are available in a wide range of shapes, types, and materials to choose from. All in all, they look very beautiful, practical, and chip. This is the prime reason why a big number of women choose to go to an eyelash extension salon every once in a while.

The best thing about eyelash extensions is that they are free of any hassles and are a perfect solution for those women who want to look great in the morning. Though, it is important to note that eyelash extensions can be quite expensive. However, they are definitely worth the entire investment. This is because they will bring long-lasting effects.

What should you know about eyelash extensions?

In case you do not know enough about eyelash extensions, worry not! Because we got your back. In this article, we put together all the information that you need to know about eyelash extensions. Regardless of whether you are a natural type of a woman or subtle, extensions on eyelashes are bound to suit everyone.

All the major things that you need to know about eyelash extensions include the following:

They are semi-permanent

By semi-permanent, we mean that eyelash extensions get applied by professionals. They are also certified by estheticians. Usually, eyelash extensions last anywhere from three to five weeks, and are recommended for those women who have short or damaged lashes. Furthermore, there is a big difference between strip lashes and lash extensions. This is because eyelash extensions are applied individually on all the lashes.

What is the application process?

Usually, the application process of lashes takes around 2 hours. This means that for two complete hours, you will have to sit still and patiently. Usually, estheticians will make sure that they are working with proper and sterile equipment while the procedure is being performed. Many women just close their eyes and put on a pair of headphones so that they can relax during the long and boring application process. Once you are comfortable enough, make sure that your eyes and nice and shut. Don’t bother peeking, or else, you will end up with glue in your eyes.

Avoid heat and makeup

After getting the procedure, it is important for you to avoid all types of contact with water and makeup. During the first 24 to 12 hours, your eyelashes must be protected from all such external agents. Otherwise, your extensions will start falling out sooner than you know. So, make sure that your eyelashes are safe during this time period. Though, after this time period ends, you can easily start doing makeup or wash your face. But before that make sure that you are avoiding it.

They save time

When you have eyelash extensions on, they can save you a good chunk of time in the morning. This means that you will not have to bother about applying false lashes or mascara. This is because your eyelashes will mimic the illusion of an eyeliner. However, you can definitely still apply them if you want to.


Eyelash extensions work great for almost all women. There are literally no women on whom these extensions will not suit. So, in case you feel like you could use these extensions, just go for it. Normally, any decent hair extensions salon will also provide you eyelash extensions. Though, make sure that you are only getting them applied from a professional stylist, and not a rookie. This is because their application procedure is quite complex, and so, the person who is applying them must be trained. hypno

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