How Do You Renovate An Old Shop?

Online shopping is the trend nowadays but physical stores will never go out of style. Physical stores tend to make a better impression than online stores. This is why you still see retail stores opening around the world. However, your store should keep up with time and competition to attract customers. Here are a few retail remodel tips stand out in the game.

Clear The Clutter

When it comes to renovating an old shop, most business owners are not aware of the fact that cleaning the clutter can make a lot of difference. It is not necessary to spend money to make the space look good. Sometimes, it is piles of unnecessary items that make the place look untidy.

Believe it or not, clearing the clutter and removing everything that might produce a negative impression freshens the space and changes the energy, appearance, and ambiance of the store. Not only does it make the space look bigger but also finding the right products for the customers is a lot easier.

Plus, you do not have to spend a huge amount of time and effort searching through items to locate what your customer needs each time.

Focus On Focal Areas

Renovating an old shop not only takes time and effort but also money. While some business owners may have a relatively large budget to spend, others will have to work with a tight budget. If you are in the same space as well, you will need to focus on the areas that people visit or see first.

Focal areas are defined as the areas that are seen first by the customers as soon as they walk into the store. Try to find out at least five focal areas and focus on improving or upgrading them. If possible, take suggestions from your customers and employees to find out how they perceive your store and not what you think it is.

It might be that some focal areas have less light. This means the customers will hardly pay attention to items sitting in the low light area. Yes, lighting has a huge role to play in the customer decision-making process. According to several studies, customers are relatively more attracted to areas or items that have proper lighting, signs, etc. So, make sure that all the areas where products are showcased are well-lit.

Paint The Walls

Painting the walls alone is a major factor that can help change the entire vibe of the store. While offering a new theme to your store is one thing, hiding and repairing the cracks is another. Since we are trying to renovate an old shop, there is a huge chance the walls need repairs and a fresh paint job.

However, keep in mind that the paint color will depend on the furniture you have in the store. In other words, the paint job should complement the accessories in your store. If the paint is either too bright or dark, whereas the furniture and decorative items are multi-colored, you will need to find the right balance.

Furthermore, if painting is not an option, you can opt for wallpaper. Wallpapers can last several years and are a lot easier to install. But, if you wish to keep the identity of your store, it is better to get it re-painted.

Focus On The Lighting

As mentioned earlier, lighting can either make or break it for the customers. You might have observed that customers prefer walking in stores that have proper lighting systems. If the customers are able to view all the products and items from outside the store, they are most likely to visit as well.

So, you need to make sure every inch of the space is well-lit. If you have new items to display, put them in the front with the most lights so that customers walking past the store are able to catch them. At the same time, light up the other end of the store as well to prevent customers from missing out on items placed further down the store.

Change The Fixtures

Commercial remodeling DC is not always about spending a huge amount of money on painting and replacing the furniture, etc. You can do a lot by simply upgrading the existing features such as the fixtures. The last thing you would want is for your customers to walk into the changing room to see rusted hangers.

That said, if you have wooden fixtures in your store, try to give them a fresh paint job as long as they are not broken or damaged. However, if there are steel fixtures, try replacing them. Furthermore, if there are couches or sofas in the store, get them washed or replace the fabric to give them a completely new look.

Remove Obstacles And Obstructions

Part of renovating your old shop means removing obstacles and obstructions in the way of your customers. If you have flags, banners, or any other items blocking the entrance or view of the customers, you should move them away from the entrance.

Similarly, if there is anything inside the store that may make it difficult for the customers to shop, you need to get rid of them immediately. Plus, cover the sharp edges and add light to dark corners and low ceiling areas.

Revamp The Floor

Painting your old shop to give it a new look is smart but revamping the floor is even smarter. Having an old shop means the material used for the floor might not be able to handle high foot traffic. If the current floor has stains, cracks, or damage, you will need to get it repaired or replaced.

You should choose a material that goes well with your brand and the interior of the shop. LVT and hardwood are the most popular types of floorings for stores. You can also go with engineered wood, porcelain tiles, and laminate flooring.

Make sure the color scheme and design match the overall theme of your shop. Additionally, you can also add some rugs or carpets to make the space look cozy and comfortable.

Focus On The Budget

Finally, it comes down to the most important factor, the budget. Even if you have a huge sum to spend, you still need to determine a budget. This is important because a budget gives you a clear direction of what needs to be done. If you don’t have one, you will easily end up spending money on useless items.

As a general rule of thumb, you should perform a close inspection of your shop and list down things that need improvement, replacement, or upgrading. This will allow you to focus on priorities rather than luxuries.

And then again, keep an expert by your side to examine and determine the replacements or repairs you need along with the cost and estimates.


Renovating an old shop is surely an interesting process but you need to be smart. The tips highlighted above will help you improve both the practicality and impression of your store. Plus, consult retail store contractors McLean and try to determine what your customers and employees would like to see. This will help your store achieve a unique approach to sales that is hard to ignore.

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