9 Things To Consider Before Pergola Installation

If your yard or patio is looking a bit boring, then a pergola is a perfect way to make it look whimsical and beautiful. Here is everything you need to know about pergolas before having one installed by pergola contractors.

Pergolas And Their Types

A pergola is a very beautiful semi-shaded area that is supported by four pillars or columns, secured on the ground. The roof of a pergola is slotted and allows sunlight to peek through. It is a very mesmerizing architecture that can upgrade any backyard. You can either make it a sitting area and have a nice relaxing soak in the sun, or you can also use it as an entertainment space and host dinners and parties for guests if you’re a fan of outdoor activities.

There are different varieties of a pergola. They can be freestanding or they can be attached to your house. Freestanding pergolas are more modern and they add that edge to your entire house, whereas a safe and classic option is the attached pergola or supported pergola with columns, but the look of both of these is out of this world.

A pergola can also have screens on either side, for extra privacy and added strength and support, but unscreened pergolas also look very beautiful and they’re more popular among the masses.

Pre-Installation Considerations

Here are some things you should know before getting a pergola installed in your house.

The Right Location

Firstly, you will need to figure out the place where you want the pergola to be. This is crucial to think about beforehand because the right placement will matter a lot. It will determine the practicality and functionality of the pergola, rather than it being a complete waste of space.

The most fitting place for the installation of a pergola is either in the center of the backyard, close to the pool, or the house if you’re going for the attached variant. The right place will ensure that the pergola is used to the max.

The Maintenance

If you’re going to build or install anything outdoors, then maintenance is going to be involved, whether you like it or not. Maintenance is something that’s dreaded by a lot of people, but it’s also just as important.

If you’re going for a wood pergola, then you’ll need to freshen up the material every now and then and you’ll also need to look for any damage in the columns and have them fixed, because those are the things holding the pergola together and if you’re not looking after it, then things can take a turn for the worst.

The Roofing Of The Pergola

The next important thing to consider is the roofing of the pergola. The roof of a pergola is different from a gazebo because pergolas allow light in and there isn’t a lot of “shelter”, whereas a gazebo is a perfectly sheltered space, through and through and there’s no chance of you getting soaked in the rain or getting burnt by the sun.

So, if you’re not aiming for shelter against the rain and sun, then a slotted roof or patterned design on the roof will be perfect, that will not only look good but will allow excess water to trickle down as well. If you want a roofed pergola, you should also look into gazebos. Get in touch with gazebo builders Port Jefferson.

Sitting Area

The next thing to consider, before installing a pergola, is its utility of it. You have to define the utility of the pergola in your backyard. Are you going to use it as a sitting area? Is it just for looks? Are you looking to extend your patio space?

If you’re going for the extra seating option, then your pergola needs to be big enough to house lounging chairs, sofas, and tables, so that everyone can sit without the space being too cramped. The last thing you want is to have a pergola that doesn’t fit a lot of people, then the whole purpose will be ruined.

Protection Against The Weather

You really can’t protect the inside of the pergola since the roofing is slotted, but what you can do is opt for a pergola that has a structured roof, which doesn’t allow rainwater to settle at the top. You don’t want to overweigh the top of the pergola, because it can collapse under the heavy weight.

As for the material itself, you also need to weather-proof it, because sun and rain can weaken some materials faster than others.

The Material Selection

Speaking of materials, the right selection will also save you from unnecessary hassle. You want to go for materials that are durable and low on maintenance because you don’t want to slave over the care of a material that won’t last long in certain weather conditions.

You can go for composite, aluminum, steel, concrete, and vinyl pergolas, as they’re going to last longer than their wooden counterparts and you won’t have to take care of the above-mentioned materials either, because they are already quite resistant to moisture, heat and wind. The right material is going to ensure that your pergola lasts for a long time.

Pergola On A Patio

If you already have a patio and want to extend it further by adding a pergola, then you need to think about the design aspect of things. Adding a pergola to a patio can be quite hard, but the right placement will make it look amazing. The key, here, is to add a pergola in a way that makes everything look seamless.

The best way to do that is to elongate the roof of the patio and add a couple of columns to make it look structured. Try to opt for the same material and color as well when coupling a patio and pergola.

To Include Screening Or Not?

Screens can be a hit or miss in pergolas. Some people love the boxed look of it and it also provides extra privacy, but other times, people think that encasing a pergola and screening it, can ruin the look of it completely. It’s mainly a preference-based thing and if you feel like screens are your jam, then you can certainly go for them.

If you don’t want to make the pergola look boxy, then you can also add small windows and cavities to give it a bit more texture and dimension.

Can You Even Install A Pergola?

Lastly, you want to ensure that you’re able to install or build a pergola in your residential area. There are a lot of permissions that you need to take before even thinking about this backyard improvement.

There are certain height and width regulations that you need to follow to legally build a pergola. You need to get in touch with your local planning authority to get information on your specific area and whether or not it’s even allowed to build/install things like balconies, verandas, and pergolas, because different states and cities have different regulations and building rules.


A pergola is not only a sight statement, but it can also double up as a lounging area with shelter that’s perfect for all seasons. Communicate your ideas well in advance with your pergola builder Long Island to get the best results.

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