How serious Caitlyn Jenner car accident is?

At last, Caitlyn Jenner breaks her silence about the deadly car accident and the experience with her car accident lawyer, Philip Boecsch who proclaims that they did not receive any document from the step-children of Howe, the victim of a car crash. She voices her deepest fears and shudders over being sent to the Country Jail. She makes an honest confession that there are no regrets. This was surprising! In an interview with Matt Lauer, she talks about the car crash and expresses her indifference towards the whole thing.

Quite a brave person! She expresses her sad fate by stating she was on her speed limits when the mishap occurred. Her only concern is what if she is sent to Men’s Country Jail. Prosecutors are busy examining the case, trying to find out whether at all she deserves the imprisonment. Jenner can be charged with misdemeanor manslaughter! Throughout the interview, she sounded easy, cheerful and happy. She states ‘ I don’t mind the Halloween costumes designed after me, it was in on the joke’. She did not even ask for the accolade, but fortunately received it. The Highway crash case will move on to the office of District Attorney.

Will Jenner be not charged at all?

As per the latest speculations, Jenner will not be charged at all. She may escape the charges since the circumstances are found to be extenuating. There is great news for Jenner! The sobriety test reveals that Jenner was not under the influence of alcohol while the car accident of caitlyn jenner. Even she was not texting while inside the car. The MTA bus video clearly shows that she was driving under the limited speed. All such elements clearly point out that the mishap simply took place due to the inattentiveness of Jenner, while on the road. The stepchild of the victim files the lawsuit against Jenner. She is accused of the wrongful death. As per the family attorneys, Jenner has refused to admit that she caused the accident. She thinks herself not responsible for the collision.

It is a great comeback by the car accident attorney of Jenner. The lawyer filed documents claiming that the step son has no right to lay charges against Jenner since he is in no way related to Howe. But then, we can see a series of twists and turns in the event. Stepchildren of Howe have filed a case clearly stating that $500,000 insurance policy will not suffice at all. However, Jenner is still waiting for the decision of the court.

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