What Are The Signs That Your Commercial Ice Cream Freezer Has A Refrigerant Leak

An ice cream freezer is amongst the most important commercial kitchen appliances. Irrespective of how much you look after them, sooner or later you will experience a refrigerant leak. Therefore, let’s take a look at some signs that will help you identify and solve the refrigerant leak some other commercial ice cream freezer repair problems before it damages other important components.

Diagnosing Refrigerant Leak Can Be A Complex Issue

First things first, diagnosing a refrigerant leak can be a complex issue. It might be that there is some other problem that is impeding the performance of your ice cream freezer and so, it does not necessarily need to be a problem with the refrigerant leaking.

Refrigerators use Freon to produce cool air. This gas is closed off in a pressurized system located inside the fridge that prevents leakage. As a result, you do not need to top off the gas. However, if you notice that the refrigerant is leaking, it might be that there is a puncture somewhere.

It also might be that someone had previously attempted to repair the unit and ended up puncturing or damaging the system, causing the leak.

Signs Of Refrigerant Leak

Even though Freon tends to be odorless, but if you smell chemical odor around your refrigerator, it might be a sign that your freezer is leaking Freon. In addition to that, during regular function, your restaurant refrigerator should not be giving off a strange smell.

If you are not able to detect or identify where the odor is coming from as it is complicated in many cases, you will need to call in a professional. Keep in mind that a refrigerant leak can put a tremendous amount of pressure on the compressor, which utilizes more electricity to make up for the loss of cool air.

As a result, by ignoring the issue, not only will you end up increasing your energy bills but also damaging important components that require expensive replacement.

Furthermore, another sign of a refrigerant leak is oily residue on the floor. This is not exactly the refrigerant leak but a byproduct. Therefore, if you spot oily residue on the floor, it means that Freon is leaking from somewhere. Clean the floor and check if the oily residue appears again.

If it does, you are confirmed to have a leak. Additionally, a freezer with a refrigerant leak will run continuously without tripping. This has to do with the compressor working harder than usual to maintain the set temperature.

Detecting Leaks

As mentioned previously, detecting leaks can be a tricky task. Since the gas is located within the unit, it is usually hard to spot the leak considering the extremely tight spots that are unreachable. Fixing a refrigerant leak is not something you can do on your own and will require the help of an expert.

Plus, refrigerants are basically chemicals that can be dangerous if exposed for longer time periods. Moreover, you can also invest in a leak detector tool kit that can help you precisely detect leaks. These detectors are easily available at local home improvement stores that can range from somewhere around $50-$300.

How Can I Prevent Refrigerant Leaks?

Refrigerant leaks are rare amongst new units. In fact, refrigerators can work for years without ever needing to be refilled, unless a puncture takes place. A puncture is usually a sign that someone did not perform their job properly.

Some components inside a refrigerator are relatively sensitive such as the compressor. While fixing a certain issue, it is important for the expert to run a proper diagnosis and identify the root cause of the problem. Playing around or disturbing components such as the compressor can lead to constant headaches down the road.

Most importantly, Freon can turn toxic if it is exposed to flame. If you have kids in the house, make sure that you turn off the gas stove tops while the issue is fixed. And since Freon is dense, it stays low to the ground. This means that your pets and kids will breathe in comparatively more gas.

Final Word

The safest thing to do if you suspect a refrigerant leak is to consult commercial appliance repair companies. You can try identifying the leak but not at the risk of exposing yourself to the toxic gas. Look out for some signs and get the issue fixed before it turns into a serious problem. topac

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