Types of tree pruning methods

Who does not like enjoying a view of green trees full of flowers in the spring season? While trees increase the beauty of your property under normal circumstances, sometimes they can become a nuisance. Overgrown tree branches present a threat and life hazard, hence experts advise pruning them as soon as possible. For this, you will need the help of expert tree services.

Different types of trees pruning

If you are wondering what the different types of tree pruning methods are, you are at the right place. It helps a lot to know about different methods before actually contacting a contractor. Overall, it will help you in making an informed decision.

Removal of diseased branches

Sometimes, tree branches become diseased. When this happens, the disease can spread to the other parts of the tree and even to neighboring trees. To maintain the health of other trees, it may sometimes be important to remove certain diseased branches. This is the most common type of pruning, in which experts make use of specialized equipment to safely remove infected branches.

But worry not, because removal of such branches can positively contribute to the health of your tree. In no time, new and healthier branches will grow on your tree.

Removal of infested parts

Sometimes, pests such as termites attack the trees. Now they can be spread throughout the tree or only to a certain branch. The problem with termites is that they are very invasive and will move from one tree to the next. Eventually, they might as well make their way inside your house, causing thousands of dollars worth of damages.

Hence, the removal infested parts are extremely important. If the termites have infested the entire tree, then experts shall remove the whole tree using special equipment. This is a task that you should not do yourself since it presents dangers.

Removing overgrown branches

Overgrown branches are also a huge hazard because they make the weight of the tree uneven. As a result of this, they add additional weight to the tree. Over time, this may weaken the roots of your tree and it can fall due to heavy thunderstorms.

At the same time, the individual overgrown branches are also prone to breakage. Not only that, but they can also grow into your house or start affected with the electricity lines. Removal of overgrowing branches is the best way to keep everyone safe.

Topiary pruning

This type of pruning is done purely for aesthetic purposes. It involves the pruning of shrubs and trees to make them eye-catching and beautiful. Typically, people who want to improve the aesthetics of their landscapes or backyards choose topiary pruning.

It is a specialized pruning method that requires the help of a professional. A layman would not understand what makes a tree look beautiful. Similarly, professionals will ensure best safety practices while pruning the tree. This means that you can forget about any disasters or damage to your and your neighbors’ property.


Pruning is an umbrella term for various processes that involves the modification of trees. Typically, homeowners and business owners who have trees on their property are mainly concerned about the health, safety, and aesthetics of their trees.

It might take some effort for you to find the best tree-cutting companies around your area. The best method would be to read some reviews on the internet or to get recommendations from your friends and family.

Once you shortlist tree removal companies Bethesda, the next step would be to get an appointment and check for licenses/credentials. This way, you can easily hire the best contractor for tree removal and pruning.

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