What To Consider When You Change Your Hair Color

Are you planning to change your hair color? Well, getting new hair color and highlights is not as simple as you think it is, you need to factor in a lot of things before you can take the big step. Here are some things which you need to consider when changing your hair color.

Is Your Hair Damaged?

This is a very important question you need to ask yourself. Your hair is prone to damage when you dye it so it’s very important to know whether your hair is already damaged or not and can it take the harsh chemicals used in hair dyes. Try to evaluate the condition of your hair by seeing how frizzy they are, the dryness in your hair and how the hair feels against your fingers. You will feel brittle strands and also experience a lot of breakage. So, it’s better to restore the damage in your hair before dyeing it.

Have You Colored Your Hair Before?

This will make or break the results of the hair dye that you want. You need to see whether your hair has been colored before or not. If you are dyeing your hair for the first time, then the results can be quite different as compared to the situation where you have previously dyed your hair in the past. You need to see how the color will show on either virgin hair or previously dyed hair.

How Much Do You Want The Color To Show?

This is also a very important thing to know. You should have some idea of how intense or muted you want the color to be in your hair. This will be ensured by the state of your hair and how much damage it can stand. Try to go for a medium application where the color stands out just enough but it is also not too vibrant. Bold colors can stand out but you will need more dye and more chemicals to hold the color in place and for the vibrancy to show through.

Will You Change The Color Regularly?

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the fact how much you will change your hair color. This is important to know because you want to select the longevity of the hair color accordingly. You don’t want to go for a long-lasting hair dye only for it to be removed after a couple of weeks. Try to hold a certain hair dye for at least 6 months before the dye starts to naturally fade away. Forcefully removing the hair dye through bleach can damage your hair to no end.

What Color Do You Want Now?

If you have light hair and you want to go for a darker color, then the transition is super easy, even if your hair has been previously dyed before. But, if you have darker hair and want to go for a lighter color, you will need to put some work into the hair and the dye in order to get the color you want. This will involve a lot of toning and color correction.

Darker hair is always hard to mute into a lighter hair color and for that, you will need to use a lot of bleach, which can be damaging. It’s better to go for darker colors if you already have darker hair.

What Are You Willing To Pay?

The budget is also very important. Different salons charge differently and you need to find a salon that will give you the perfect results you are looking for. Try to research a couple of salons and see the reviews of how people liked the services and their pricing. If you think a salon is good enough, you can go there in person and have a small chat with the hair colorist and tell them exactly what you need. They will deliver reasonable results.


There you have it! If you consider these things before changing your hair color, not only will the results be better but you will also have healthier hair at the end of the hair dye session. Get advice from hair salons specializing in color Rockville for getting the right dye for your hair.

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