4 Things You Should Know About Granite Countertops

Due to the popularity of granite countertops, many people say a lot about them. Here are some of the things about the countertops you might have heard:

The countertops are expensive

Decades ago, you could only find granite pieces in the homes of the most elite in society. Due to this, many people have the impression that the countertops are expensive. While the factors that determine whether a product is pricey are subjective, it’s good to know that the countertops aren’t more expensive than the other pieces in the market.

The abundance of the pieces has lately driven the prices down, making granite one of the most affordable pieces in the market.

On first look, you might have the impression that the material is expensive, but you should note that it lasts for decades when you take good care of it. The material also greatly increases the resale value of your house; therefore, you recoup your money.

Granite stains easily

Granite is naturally porous. This means that when liquids pour on it, they are absorbed. While this is the case, it doesn’t mean that the pieces stain easily. This is because there are a number of things you can do to prevent the liquids from being absorbed.

One of the most effective ways is by sealing the surface. This way, you ensure that the liquid that pours on the surface doesn’t penetrate. For you to maintain the water resistant feature, you should seal the countertops at least once every year.

Granite is high maintenance

If you ask many homeowners why they shy away from installing granite in their homes, they will tell you it’s because granite is high maintenance. This is not the case. For you to keep your countertops looking great you need to do three things: clean, polish, and seal.

When it comes to cleaning the countertops, as long as you have sealed the pieces, you only need to wipe the surfaces with a moist piece of cloth and you are good to go. It takes a few seconds to wipe the surfaces. In fact, most of the homeowners don’t clean granite surfaces any more than they do to the other surfaces.

When it comes to polishing, you should know that polishing is just as easy as cleaning the surfaces. All you need to do is to find your best polishing product and apply it on the surfaces. While a regularly polished surface looks better than one that isn’t polished, you don’t need to polish the surfaces every day to keep them in top shape.

We recommend that you polish the surfaces once a week and you will be good to go. When choosing the polish, go for one that is of high quality. In addition to the high-quality polish giving you ideal results, it also tends to be easy to apply. In fact, you don’t need to hire a professional to help you with the application.

Finally, when it comes to sealing granite countertops, you need to seal the units once a year. Just like with polishing, ensure that the sealant you go with is of high quality. You can apply the sealant by yourself or hire a professional to help you out.

You can’t destroy granite

It’s true that granite is resistant to heat, stains, chemicals, and scratches. While this is the case, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be destroyed. While the surfaces are resistant to heat, when you place ultra hot products directly on it, the high heat causes the sealers to get dull and cloudy.

The quick heat changes also tend to cause weak spots that resemble natural fissures in stone.

Abrasive chemicals cause tiny scratches on the granite surfaces, giving them an ugly look. When you hit the surfaces, they are likely to crack or even chip, which further gives the pieces an unattractive look.

While the granite pieces are tough, they aren’t indestructible; therefore, you should be cautious when handling them. As a rule of thumb, avoid hitting them. You also should avoid placing extremely hot items on them.

When the pieces develop cracks or other issues, ask a granite company to help you with fixing them. In some cases, the damage is too extensive. In such a case, you should simply undertake countertop replacement NC.

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